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The Haitian Earthquake

No description

Andrew AmalaRanjan

on 27 May 2014

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Transcript of The Haitian Earthquake

The Haitian Earthquake

Question 1
Please welcome Dr.Grima
Question 2
Please welcome Enviromental Specialist Purity Ajoko
Once again a thank you to Dr. Joshua Grima and environmentalist Purity Ajoko for teaching us about the impacts of how Haiti has changed after the devastating 2010 earthquake.
Question 3
You have also reasearched on the economic part of it but did the medical supplies,shelter,food,and especially the damage to the country increase the amount of money needed. Also what was the magnitude of the earthquake because of how destructive the earthquake was.
Final Slide

Welcome to datline today our topic will be on the 2010 hatian earthquake.
We will also have special
two guests here to talk to us about the impact of the Haiti earthquake.
How is an eartquake formed?

Question 2
If an earthquake were to occur what would happen?
Qusetion 3

Why are earthquakes forming and does this cause an effect the earths crust or surface?
Hello, Dr. Joshua Grima, so since you studied the medical impacts of Haiti, you found a disease called cholera, would you please discuss why and how it happend?
Giving that response can cholera be controlled/treated? Has it harmed/killed many Haitians ?
So please welcome enviromental specialist Purity Ajoko
Hello Purity, so we all know that Haiti has caused a devastating effect to the economy and the medical part of it. Now, besides all that I’m sure there was an effect to the Physical Environment and Natural Environment, was there a very big contact with the Physical and Natural?
Our Special Guests Today Are.......
Today on dateline we will be interviewing Andrew Amalaranjanpayes, Dr.Joshua Grima, and Enviromoental specialist Purity Ajoko.
Question 1
Question 1
Hello Purity, we all know that the 2010 Hatien earthquake caused a devasting effect on the economy. A side from the economy being effected, I"m sure there was an impact to the physical and natural environment. Can you tell me about it?

Question 2
So besides the buildings being destroyed by the earthquake, how else was the physical environment effected?

Question 4
Were there any major enviroment issues in Haiti in general?
Question 3
Can you tell me what was the greatest damage to the natural eniroment of haiti?
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