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Stress Less

No description

Hannah Wolff

on 9 April 2018

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Transcript of Stress Less

Stress Less
High School, College & Life Planning Made Easy
Know Yourself

Make Good Choices

Follow Your Passion

Do Your Research

Own It = less stress
What Do I Value?
Team Sports
Outdoor Activities
Hanging Out
Know Yourself
How Do I Learn Best?
Group Projects.....Individual Research
Big classes.........Small classes
Classroom instruction....on the job
Listening....taking notes....reading
Multiple choice.....Essay
Make Good Choices
Academic Life
Course Selection
Time Management
Personal Life
Friends, Activities
Social Media
Who Can Help?
College & Career Center
Follow Your Passion
Try New Things
Get involved
Give back
Do Your Research
50 Colleges in 150 Seconds
Take Your Pet to School
Don't Like Grades? They Don't Have Any
Don't Like the SAT or ACT?
Make $$ While in College - Co-op
Thinking About Being a CSI?
Study on a Body Farm
Combine an All Women's College
with an Ivy League Experience
Hit the Slopes in Twenty Minutes
Snowing? No Worries. Heated Sidewalks!
Use Tunnels to get to Classes in the Winter
Live the Military Life
Work on an Organic Farm
Live in a Treehouse
Or... in a Cabin
Practice Quaker Values
Be a Leader
Take a Class All About Lady Gaga
Channel Your Inner Entrepreneur
Study at a Conservatory
Join the Happiness Club
Go to College in the City
Experience Division I Saturdays
Attend an All Men's College
Internships Required
Start With a Bridge Program
Learning Support Services
Get a 5 year BS/JD
Guaranteed Admission to a 4 Year
Work on the Hill
Go International
Parlez Francais
Two Year Schools with Dorms
Join the Sailing Team
Read the Great Books
Or Write Them
Video Game Design
Go to a Green College
No Required Courses
Major in Homeland Security
What Do I Love to Do?
Study Abroad Required
Build Ships
Study Cosmetic Engineering
Attend a College in a Consortium
Get a New iPad Mini Every Two Years
Work in a Cadaver Lab
Train to Be an Astronaut
Work in a Nature Lab
Join Greek Life
Study Toy Design
Get a Degree in Ski Resort Management
Take Only One Class at a Time - Block Scheduling!
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