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Wonderful Me

No description

Safia Jes

on 13 September 2014

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Transcript of Wonderful Me

Wonderful Me
School & Friends
In 2011, when I moved to J.A.L, I was quite uncomfortable with all the new people around but as 2012 passed by that's when I found my true friends and named our group S.C.A.M.M. The first letter of all our names form S.C.A.M.M. With my friends, I even found some awesome teachers that have made my years in J.A.L alot better and are continuing to do so.
My Childhood
In The Beginning
I was born on July 10th 2002 in Bangladesh. I weighed 7.5 pounds and was 55cm in height. As I grew into a toddler,I always used to play around with pencils and crayons and just randomly draw. I used to be the one always crying over little things and never sharing my space with anyone else. I was really stingy but always with a big smile. Even now.

By Safia
To me life is just about living in the present, not caring about the future and the past, being who you are, and just having fun. Well, my life so far has been awesome and I'm not sure what the future holds but I'm going to be positive and not wake up desperate.

Living in the Present
My Family
I live with my Mom, Nasrin, my Dad, Shahid Hossain, my older sister Sadia, older brother Sadat and my baby sister, Samia. Me, my older sister and my babysister are all 10 years apart. I also have an adorable neice and nephew, Tanzeel, 7 years old and Ayesha, 3 years old. The annoying one in my family is of course Samia, always poking her little nose in my work!
My Hobbies
I'm most interested in art. I think its a way to express feelings and discover the world in a whole new way. I like to do portraits, graffiti, doodling, painting and just playing around with colors. As well as art I also very much like to listen to music especially rap and pop rock, whenever I'm free.
Avril lavigne portrait
My childhood was quite exciting and adventurous! My first trip to Singapore was when I was only 7 months old. My second trip was to Malaysia then my third trip was to Thailand and finally a fourth trip to Hong Kong. Then in 2008, my life took a huge turn as we moved to Toronto, Canada. At first it was all weird, the new people, a new country and a new language but with time, I adapted to my surroundings as well as learned the language that I'm using to write and tell you about my story.
3D drawing
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