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promoting healthy eating

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britney cato

on 23 January 2013

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Transcript of promoting healthy eating

One way you can promote healthy eating in your community is by creating community events that talk about the importance of eating healthy and how it is a lifestyle change. By providing healthy snacks like fruits, veggies and juice. Instead of chips and pop this will teach them whats better and whats not! Lastly by promoting encouraging your friends to eat healthy in your community they can start the cycle of telling others. Home
Many families don't have the time to make their meals from scratch because they work long hours. So, they depend on take out and processed foods. In Canada the average household spends $1,587 on food purchased from restaurants, a 30% increase from 2009
Many people buy the bulk sizes of food because they are cheaper and in their budget. Budget and money is the most common barrier. Did you know 46% of families don't eat healthy because of budget. because of budget many families can not change their food choices. School
Many kids have foods allergies the most common are nuts (tree nuts and peanuts), milk, and eggs. By providing healthy snacks that fit the needs of kid with allergies. The snacks can be enjoyed by everyone. Community Tips Facts Keep the Canada food guide on the refrigerator or somewhere visible in your kitchen. Involving kids when making food is a great oputunity for them to learn the importance of healthy eating and how to cook. e.g. baked chips instead of fried Take tiny steps then grow A minority of children ate the recommended daily amount of vegetables Obesity usually starts in the home 70% of obese youth have the risk of getting type 2 diabetes, stroke and many more 45% of the canadian population made their food from scratch for the last 5 years 31.5% of kids and teens ages 5 to 17, an estimated 1.6 million canadians were classified as overweight One way you can promote healthy eating is by teaching kids about the value of having good eating habits and why it is important to eat health. This will help the kids to have a better life style and future. But it is not only the kids that need to learn about it., it is also the parents. in a survey 4 in 5 family said they want to learn about cooking healthy meals. Another way is by creating healthy eating clubs that promote healthy eating by making and putting up posters around their schools, creating announcements and having healthy snack days.This will help by showing children in different ways the importance of healthy eating. One way you can promote healthy eating is promoting people to use the Canada food guide when making their breakfast , lunch and dinner. This will help people because it tells you how much serving of each food group you are suppose to intake daily for your age and gender. When you follow the recommendation it will help reduce your risk of obesity, and type 2 diabetes. Also it contributes to your overall health. Another way is by encouraging people to make their food from scratch. It is better to make your food from scratch because you know what the ingredients are and its not process. Lastly you can help people develop by telling them to eliminate unhealthy foods from their homes like chips and pop and bring in healthy foods like yogurt and trail mix and many more. Try healthier versions of junk food School Home Community How can we promote
healthy eating at School Home Community Barriers By: Britney Cato After making this project i have learned that there are so many ways to promote healthy eating but it all depends on YOU, and if YOU want to make that big step to change your life. Conclusion childhood obesity has triple in the past 30 years THANK YOU FOR WATCHING
HOPE YOU ENJOYED http://www.myhealthnewsdaily.com/1314-tips-healthy-eating-kids.html

Health Canada
Eat Right Ontario
Healthy Canadians
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