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Igbo Music

No description

Andrew Gillett

on 5 March 2014

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Transcript of Igbo Music

Igbo Music vs. American Music
American Instruments
Most Popular 5: (according to www.thetoptens.com)
Origins of American instruments is a very wide variety depending on the instrument
American Genres
Ameria is home to an extremely wide range of music from Pop-rap, country-jazz, Alternative-classical. And everything inbetween. There are over 30 genres of music available in the grammy awards.
Igbo Genres
melodic music style into which they incorporate various percussion instruments
Ikorodo: vocal performance accompanied by several musical instruments.
Highlife: a fusion of jazz and traditional music
Igbo Instruments
Instruments left by Nok Peoples
Only about 5 instruments in Igbo culture
The EKWE or "Slit-drum" is a tree trunk, hollowed throughout its length from two rectangular cavities at its ends and a horizontal slit that connects the cavities. The size of the Ekwe varies based on significance and use. It is used as musical instrument at coronation, cultural events and rituals. The different sounds of the drum summon the citizens at the monarch's palaces, or town squares. The strong rhythm of the slit-drum, gave special signals for inundation, meetings, or announcements of emergencies such as; fire, and theft.
The udu is both an African plosive aerophone and an idiophone used by such peoples as the Igbo of Nigeria. In the Igbo language, udu means vessel. Actually being a water jug with an additional hole, it was played by women for ceremonial uses. Usually the udu is made of clay. The instrument is played by hand and produces a special and unique bass sound by quickly hitting the big hole.
The OGENE or "Gong" is the most important metal instrument among the Igbo people. They were made originally in bronze but, in modern time, are mainly made of common metal as a bulging surface in elliptical shaped rim, and tapering like a frustum to its handle. It is hit at its rim with a stick to produce different tunes. The Ogene is used for dances, songs, religious and secular ceremonies.
The igba (Cylinder-drum) is a piece of hollow wood covered at one end with animal hide held down tight with fasteners. The artist carries it over his shoulder with the help of a shoulder strap. The artist produces the sound by beating on the animal hide with his fingers or combination of one set of fingers and a special stick. The cylinder-drum accompanies dances, songs, religious and secular ceremonies, and its tunes have been known to gave special signals for good news as well as bad news.
The OJA (Flute) is a piece of wood designed with a cavity inside, the top has a wide opening to fit the shape of the human lower lip, a small hole on the bottom and two smaller holes closer to the top on exact opposite side. The artist blows the musical sounds through the wide opening, while placing the thumb and the ring fingers simultaneously on the two smallest holes to control the rhythm. The bottom hole which is left alone at all times controls the musical rhythm out flow. It accompanies dances and songs, or played as solo.
Similar to American Triangle
Similar to American recorder
Background info about their respective music
Guitar (electric and non-electric)
Most similar to...
Music Significance in Igbo communities
Used in celebrations such as: New Year, weddings, birthday parties, childbirth and naming ceremonies
Historically sacred ambiance at church services, funerals, and eulogies
For personal enjoyment
For sports and labor
Helps historians reflect in stories
Significance in America
Used in Ceremony
For personal enjoyment
Inspires emotional feelings
"washes the soul"
To create an identity and diversify
Therapeutic use
Fuels Imagination
Over 98% of AmericanTeens listen to it
Source of ideas
Award show held for the years best music
Star Treatment
Celebrity musician Comparison
Minor Stars
Locally known
Small fan base
Not very profitable
Very famous
World renowned
Wealthy profession
Large fan base
Katy Perry has about 50 million twitter followers!
P Diddy would place 1st on Africa's 50 richest people on Forbes.com
http://www.thetoptens.com/best-musical-instruments/ - Changes often
http://www.grammy.com/nominees- Drop down menu “Display by award genre”

American and Igbo societies are two very different but also alike societies. Their cultures music views provide a perfect example of this. In America it is a extremly glorified outlet with so many ways to be unique. While in Igbo society it is very important as well the people who perform are not held at such a high standard and there is less of a variety of song styles to use and only a few instruments at their disposal versus America who litterally has hundreds of instruments. To these two societies and those around the world, music is a culture bond that is as unique as every person.
The grammys are an American Award sow known as "The biggest night in music"
One of the biggest Igbo hits
#1 on Billboard hot 100
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