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Superheroes, Villains, Sidekicks, & the Brain

By Ashley, Trinchelle & Eddy

Ashley Marx

on 22 October 2012

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Transcript of Superheroes, Villains, Sidekicks, & the Brain

Superheroes, Villains,
and Sidekicks Medulla-de-Ville Cerebull Ponzilla Hypoladia Tha'Mus Hippomind Amyg-danger Medulla-de-ville is a superhero based off the Medulla, which controls and regulates the heartbeat, breathing and blood pressure. Her special abilities allow her to shoot love arrows, control the heart, and make sure the wrong people never fall in love. However, she herself can never love. Cerebull is a villain based off of the Cerebellum which controls coordination, sensory information, and motor systems. Cerebull can control anyone or anything he wants. He is known to use his telkenesis in evil ways. Ponzilla is the sidekick to Cerebull. He is based off of the Pons. The pons influences bodily movements. Ponzilla can basically do everything Cerebull can, but only when Cerebull allows his powers to pass through to him. Tha'mus is basically a super being. He excells in all of the senses. He has incredible eyesight, taste, and hearing skills. He's based off of the thalamus which is in touch with the senses. His weakness is that he cannot smell. Hypoladia is like the mother nature of the super heroes. She can smell, unlike Tha'Mus. She regulates temperature, and maintains a beautiful environment. She is based off of the Hypothalamus which regulates bodily temperature, heart rate, etc. Hippomind is the ruler of memory. She remembers everything and knows everything about everyone. She is the ultimate mind of the superheroes. She is based off of the Hippocampus which regualates the memory of the brain. Amyg'danger is a super villain. He is known for his crazy temper and has a reputation for fighting. He uses his anger and aggressiveness to knock anyone and everyone out of his way. He is based off of the Amygdala which controls anger and aggression. Occitemparifronta is based off of the Occipital, Temporal, Parietal, and Frontal lobes of the brain. The frontal controls behavior, the occipital controls visual images, the temporal controls hearing, speech and memory and the parietal controls sensory movements and orientation. Occitemparifronta is aka, "The Brain" is a four headed figure and is the power source of all superheroes and villains. d f Occitemparifronta PriMoCo is a super athlete. He can lift any weight, jump any distance, and run as fast as lightning. He is based off of the Primary Motor Cortex which controls executed movements and planned motor movement. PriMoCO Soma Son is named after the Primary Somatosensory Cortex. It controls everything that processes after you touch something. Soma Son can touch something and turn it into gold at any time, anything he wants. Soma Son Lefty & Righty are twins. They are named after the Left and Right brain hemispheres. The left side is more quickly able to understand emotion and artistic things. The right is more mathematical and education minded. Lefty is a psychic and can paint pictures with her eyes. Righty is super smart and really good at math. He can calculate anything in less than one second. Lefty & Righty Wernickel produces the right thing to say for every situation. Any time you're in a glitch, Wernickel can get you out. He is based off of the Wernicke's area which produces language before you say it. Wernickel Broca Boca is Wernickel's sidekick. Wernickel produces the right things to say, and Broca Boca is his messenger. He flies to wherever the information needs to be given at lightning speed and equips the peson in need with this information. He is based off of the Broca's Area which carries out the langugae produced in the Wernicke's area. Broca Boca
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