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Holy Child Art Project

CBAA Holychildart

on 4 June 2010

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Transcript of [jumpstart]

[jumpstart] Bella Mazzola
Alena Gormally
Ally Lacek
Caitlin Hogan The Band Drew "Burnzy" Burns VOCALS
Chris Stevens GUITAR
Blaze McFeely DRUMS
Adrianne Summer BASS Burnzy: born Drew Burns in 1988 - LA Chris: born Christopher Stevens in 1988 - LA Blaze: born Cliona Mcfeely in 1991 - LA Adrianne: born Adrianne Summer in 1989 - LA Burnzy and Chris met in their LA elementary school.
They stayed friends through high school, where they met Blaze and Adrianne.
They met each other when Chris and Burnzy's car had stalled on the side of the road, and Blaze and Adrianne, driving by, pulled over to help jumpstart the boys' car. That is where the idea for the band name came from.
Burnzy and Chris had played music together in their spare time, and upon meeting the girls, decided to start a band.
The band, [jumpstart] started off playing at any gigs they could get - primarily sweet sixteens and bar and bat mitzvahs. When they became better known, they started playing in LA benefit concerts and hit the big time when they won a local Battle of the Bands. Debut Album: Hypnotic Burnzy and Chris graduated high school and attended their local community college while Adrianne and Blaze were still in high school. Adrianne went to the same college when she graduated one year later. Two years later, Blaze followed, and now, the two boys are seniors, Adrianne is a junior, and Blaze is a freshman. They played music at frat parties throughout their time in college, but focused less on the band until recently, when a business major and friend of Chris' offered to manage them. He helped them get a deal with an up-and-coming record company, and their fame spread throughout California, spurring the success of their first hit song. "California Heat/In Cali", was very popular among the locals, who loved their state as much as the band did. As their popularity spread throughout the west coast, and quickly to the east coast, the song hit the charts, quickly followed by the album's title song "Hypnotic". Burnzy and Adrianne dated on-and-off in high school, and have been dating seriously for about a year now.
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