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Copy of Windows Mobile OS

Intro to Features and Basics of a Windows Phone

umair aslam

on 13 February 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Windows Mobile OS

My Wall For Home Users Features and Functionality Some basics... About Windows Phone 7 BACK Windows key/ Home Key SEARCH Thank You... Is actually pretty Awesome ! Making Communication more natural… Problem? Whiteboard for WP7.

Real-time collaboration.

Place to brainstorm anywhere you are.

Simple for normal users.

Power Tools for power users. Introduction 4 Attach Notes and Photos 3 Brainstorm and study concepts 2 Play various Board Games 1 Contribute on a single drawing. Windows Phone 7 is a mobile operating system developed by Microsoft
Latest version of Windows Phone OS series
Provide amazing operating System.
End User experience is high
Optimized and standardized Hardware
800 or 480 CPU
ARMv7 Cortex/Scorpion or better Memory
256MB RAM or more, 8GB Flash or more Windows Phone 7 Hardware 480 or 320 GPU
DirectX 9 acceleration Multimedia
Common detailed specs, Codec acceleration Camera
5 mega pixels or more Sensors
A-GPS, Accelerometer, Compass, Light, Proximity Capacitive touch
4 or more contact points Accelerometer
Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)
Application bar
Application Verifier (AppVerifier).
Dot Per Inch(DPI).
Isolated Storage System
graphics processing unit Windows Phone 7 New Features promises to be an amazing mobile phone operating system
Innovative user interface and functionality
We can quickly and easily build games and applications
marketplace to attract developers and provide easy
access to applications Why Windows Phone 7 WP7 is not only for End-user but also for developer
Windows Phone 7 Developers will use the latest Development Tools
All tools can get a single download of windows phone 7 application development tool.
Two framework for app development
The Windows Phone 7 Application Model is familiar to silverlight and XNA developer.
C# is the only supported language for windows phone 7 app development WP 7 app Development Visual Studio 2010 or Visual studio 2010 express for windows phone
Microsoft Expression blend 4.0
Windows phone Emulator Tools For App. Development .NET framework
OOPs Concepts
Visual Studio 2010
C# Language and
XML Initial Guidance to app. development Windows Phone 7 Is Amazing Operating System
We can Easily Make our Own Applications
Future Oriented
We Can adopt Windows Phone 7 application development as a Hobby
Highly Demanded. Cloud Computing Cloud Computing is a technology trend which is enabling and driving new markets in technology. Cloud computing refers to the idea of delivering personal(email, word processing, presentation, etc.) and business productivity applications (sales force automation, customer services, accounting, etc) from centralized servers that share resources like storage ,processing and bandwidth more efficiently by a cost factor of at least 5-10x. Mobile Application On Windows Phone Umair Aslam
Huzaifah Pathan
Rafi Ahmed Mangrio
Arsalan Shaikh
Arslan Kashmiri 09 SW 169
09 SW 23
09 SW 65
09 SW 189

“…in terms of Cost and Security”
By Rehan Saleem



By: Jana Mrazova, BSc

•Windows Phone development using Scrum templates for Team
Foundation Server
By Pete Stockley




•An overview of XAML by JeremyBytes.com BIBLIOGRAPHY
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