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Underwater Welding, by Andrew Basto

No description

Lorin Koch

on 5 February 2017

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Transcript of Underwater Welding, by Andrew Basto

By: Andrew Basto
Underwater Welding
Underwater welding is a very exciting job, but also very dangerous.
Underwater welders can make anywhere from 25K to 300K a year.
If you are willing to accept the danger factor and be away from home for long periods of time, YES.
Is Underwater Welding right for you?
Underwater welding is a special type of welding needed for special jobs.
Underwater welders work on bridges, ships, oil rigs, pipe lines on the bottom of the ocean and more!
Although getting crushed, electrocuted, or even attacked by marine animals, the bends is the most common danger for underwater welders.
The bends happens when the water pressure messes up your body.
Life expectancy is around 7 years.
It all depends on employers, your hours, and which job or contracts you are willing to accept.
If you want to make good money without extreme school loans, YES.
I would not recommend this profession to someone who is interested in raising a family tho.
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