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What compromises emerged from the Constitutional Convention?

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faith zeke

on 13 December 2013

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Transcript of What compromises emerged from the Constitutional Convention?

the great compromise
each state gets an equal number but for every 30,000 one state gets another vote.
3/5 compromise
there was lots of debate on whether or not slaves should be counted towards population. After lots of argument it was resolved with the 3/5 compromise slaves would count as 3/5 a man. in other words lets say you had five slaves they would only count as 3.
slave trade compromise
shay's rebellion
Shay's rebellion was the eye opener to the federal government. after a group of armed farmers rioted the government that taxes were too high. This was one of the main reasons the federal gov debated on creating a new form of government.
James madison
he lived to be 85

wrote the constitution

born in virginia
Northwest Ordinance
The north west ordinance was what decided what the states would do with the land north of the Ohio River and east of the Mississippi River.

It was decided later on that these states would be Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin. that was not before they decided that the land would be divided into specially organized townships.Each township was to be 36 miles in area. The town ship was then divided into one mile sections, each with their own number. section sixteen was set aside for public schooling. sections 8, 11, 26, 29 were for veterans. the rest of the land was sold at public auctions. one section being 640$ or each acre at one dollar.
What compromises emerged from the Constitutional Convention?
constitutional convention
the constitution was drafted in few than 100 days
Rhode island did not send delegates to the convention so only 12 out of 13 states were represented
out of 55 delegates 34 were lawyers or studied law previously.
Virginia plan vs. new Jersey plan
the Virginia plan suggested the number of votes for a state should be based on population while the new jersey plan wanted representation to be equal, for small and large states.
while the northern states wanted to discuss and abolish slavery they could not afford an argument so they decided they would not discuss it for 20 years
the commerce compromise
slaves would be taxed 10$ but that was held off for 20 years
there was the taxing of common goods but that was changed so it was only on imported goods
There was also to treaty ratification, it sated that 2/3 majority in the senate had to ratify all treaties. southerners believed this favored them. meanwhile others struggled trying to abolish slavery
the electoral college
Each number of electors is the same plus the senate from their country.
federalists and anti-federalists

the anti federalists did not want the constitution ratified because they believed it was too much to the government and not to the states.
there was no bill of rights. they could maintain an army during peace time and the executive branch hld too much power
the federalists wanted to keep it. the separation of power 3 branches protected the rights of the people.
if there was a bill of rights it may prevent anything in that may
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