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All About ME!

No description

Computer Applications

on 4 March 2014

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Transcript of All About ME!

All About ME!
Danielle Davis

favorite SCHOOL Subjects

My favorite foods ;

- Pizza
- big macs
- Hotpockets
- Bacon,Sausage and Eggs (breakfast)
My favorite Desserts

- Fudge Brownies
- Chocolate Chip Cookies
- Chocolate Ice Cream
- Chocolate Milkshake
My Favorite Movies

Paid In Full
- Shottas
Poetic Justice
Above the Rim
- Menace II Society
- The Last Exorcism
- Carrie
My Favorite TV Shows

- Family Guy
- American Dad
- The Cleveland Show
- South park
- Martin
My Favorite Music Artists
- Eazy-E
- 50 Cent
- Lil' Boosie

My Most Memorable Moment

My most memorable moment was in 2013 at around June my mother was taking me and my brother girlfriend to go pick up my brother from school...that day my brother was fighting a boy name DuJuan. Then when we got to the school a boy saw me and my brother girlfriend. He said your boyfriend just got beat. I said who! And my Brother heard the boy so he ran around the corner and said "Nigga who got beat" and then just popped the boy who said it! I ran around the corner and jumped in it.. I was beating the boy too! My mother and all the teachers ran around the corner and my mother was even trying to jump in the fight. Lolol I was turned up and hyped I wanted to fight so bad... no one will ever touch my family! That was a moment to remember forever.
If I were a Shoe I'd be...
If I were a shoe I'd be a new balance 990
or 2001.
New Balance NEVER gets old
If I were an Animal...
If I were an
I'd be a lion
the lion the king of the jungle. And this world is the streets, and the streets is the jungle! Either you a
or a
. The rest get ate.
If I were a bird,
I'd be an ostrich, the biggest coolest
bird. I'd love to be an ostrich because
an ostrich just chills. He doesn't really get into stuff. And he is unique unlike the rest of the birds who fly (minus a penguin)
If I were an Insect...
If i were an insect I'd be a female spider. She mates with her husband then once the babies' are born she kills him!
If I were a flower...
If I were a flower I'd be a rose because it's very sweet and beautiful. Red is a cute color! And a rose is the flower everyone loves and starts their poems off with... "Roses are red...."
If I were a tree...
If I were a tree...well to be honest I wouldn't be one. But its great to be a tree because trees live for like hundreds of years! They also supply us humans with our oxygen and money.... Well because money is made of paper and paper comes from trees. But I'd be sad that all the money is being taken away from me :(
If I were a musical instrument....
I'd love to be a piano, it's very calm and gentle to me. It's beautiful and Lots of composers use pianos. It's also easy to learn to play!
If I were a car ....
Cars are beautiful! Don't get me wrong... but most of the new ones are like a computer without a firewall to protect it. Any one can easily hack into it. But other than that cars are good instead of walking since I am lazy. But to be honest I really wouldn't wanna be a car.
If I were a teacher.....
If I Were a teacher I'd teach 12th grade girls. At an all girl school. I'd be an English or History teacher beings though those are my favorite subjects! There's nothing else I would wanna do.
My college plans.....

Four colleges I would like to attend are;
(My #1
Delaware State
- I would
to go to Georgetown because I am already in a college institute for preparation there. And I'm looking at Georgetown Visitation for High School. All the other schools have a good curriculum for me.
Favorite Quote
My favorite quote is a quote by
Tupac Shakur
* Don't believe everything you hear, Real eyes realize Real lies! -Tupac Shakur
That's Me!
Danielle Davis
Computer Applications
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