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Job Interview Presentation

No description

Shadow Johnson

on 17 April 2013

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Transcript of Job Interview Presentation

By: Shadow Johnson,Karissa Sorenson,
Brendon Carpenter, Greg Later Preparing for a Job Interview The Job Interview Landing an interview for a job is great! But you also need to do well in the interview to be successful. You can never count on your appearance or resume alone to do the talking, you've got to practice and prepare in order to maximize your chances for success. We will: 1. You should learn about the job
-go ask questions
-figure out the kind of person they are looking for
-check the requirements for the job
2. Find out about their interview process
-figure out what type of interview process they have
-group, behavioral, performance, stress
-prepare for that kind of interview First impressions are IMPORTANT. The mind remembers most the first thirty seconds of meeting a new person. Getting into the Interviewer's Mind Interviewers often ask mostly the same questions to all applicants, and this can be tedious for them. You can be more memorable by asking a couple of your own questions to change the pace. Things that might make it hard to find a job Tips for what to do if you are a felon
-how to fill out application
-how to present yourself
-be honest with employers

Greg share his input/experience What should you do? 1. Arrive early, preferably 15 minutes early
2. Gauge the company dress code
3. No unclean hair, sweaty visage or dirty hands with pen marks
4. Keep two copies of your resume with you
5. Carry a notepad and pen
6. Be poised confident, but not too relaxed
7. If unsure about an answer and need time to think, ask the interviewer if you can take a minute to think and respond
8. Be patient, be courteous
9. Never interrupt even it the interviewer is stating a wrong fact. Let them complete the sentence and then respond. Words like "please" and "thank you" go a long way.
10. If there are two or more interviewers, make eye contact with all. Cardinal Rules: Show you what to do before an interview
Explain some common interview rules
Teach some interviewer psychology Interviewers don't remember a lot about everybody. Choose an interesting fact you can tell about yourself to stand out. Interviewers want someone to fulfill a need. Find that need and focus your conversation on how you can provide for it. The Obligatory Funny Intro
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