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Mayan Religion

No description

Brady Williamson

on 10 January 2013

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Transcript of Mayan Religion

Brady Williamson Mayan Religion Founder History The Maya religion was founded and boomed in Mesoamerica around 250 AD
The Maya religion was derived from ideas of the Olmecs
The Maya religion was highly practiced and believed until the Spanish conquest.
The religion was most popular in and around 900 AD
The Classic Period was the technical name for the first 650 years of the religion
During this period, the Maya religion spread across 40 cities in Mesoamerica
In its prime, the Maya religion consisted of about 2 million followers who lived in the modern day country of Guatemala
The cities were only used for ceremonies because most mayans led an agricultural-based life History Cont. A little after 900 AD the practice and belief of the Mayan religion declined significantly
Cities in Mesoamerica declined in population and they were basically abandoned
This period after the Classic Period was known as the Post Classic Period Texts Mayans used hieroglyphs as their main source of religious texts and communication
Hieroglyphs were written on stones and tree bark
These texts described divination, rituals and beliefs, and astronomy
Another main religious text of the Maya religion is the Book of Chilam Balam
This text is written in Yucatan Mayan and is comprised of prophecy and historical myths
There is another main text that correlates with the Book Chilam Balam and this is called The Ritual Of The Bacabs
The Ritual Of The Bacabs consists of medical readings and religious symbolism Beliefs The Maya believe in the Nature Gods, especially the Gods of fire, water and earth
Itzamna is their creator God and is their god of fire and hearth
Kukulcan is the other main Mayan God who is known as the Feathered Serpent.
He tends to be popular as the face of the Mayan Religion
He shows up on many Mayan temples
The Maya believe in Hell as the afterlife, a fearful and dangerous journey
The Maya also believe in the controversial topic that science and religion are the same There is no specific founder of the Maya religion
Most believe a descendent of the Olecs founded the religion
The Maya religion was founded at the rise of the Mayan civilization in Mesoamerica around 250 AD
Mesoamerica is a term to classify the region of Southern Mexico, Belize, and Guatemala. Beliefs Cont. The Maya were very interested and involved with time
Their most faithful belief was in their time keeping system
Their system was known as Mayan Cosmology
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