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vincent abellana

on 15 September 2012

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Transcript of socialization

Socialization The Processes of Socialization The process of socialization plays a very important role in the development of every individual and in the history and life of every community Importance of Socialization As the child is socialized into the society, he learns many things. The accumulated experience of this individual in this society forms the background from which he undergoes from experiences. The Social Frame of Reference The end or goal it is intended to achieve
The motivation for which it is being undertaken
The situation or context within which it takes palce
The norms or rules that regulates it Components of Socialization There are three theretical perpecties that have contributed to an understandin of the process of socialization. The Dynamics of Socialization It may be said that any person or institution that shares a person's values and behavior is an agent of socialization. Agencies of Socialization Several authorities have been noted for their contributions as far as social development is concerned. Stages of Socialization The adoption of behavior patterns of the surrounding culture.
the socialization of children to the norms of their culture. The long and complicated process of social interaction through which the child learns the intellectual, physical and social skills needed to function as a member of society is called SOCIALIZATION The long period of dependency allows children time to learn the things they need to know in order to care for themselves. Fichter SOCIALIZATION is a process of mutual influence between a person and his fellowmen, a process that results to acceptance, adaptation to the patterns of social behavior. Culture
Sex role differentation

SOCIALIZATION IS VITAL TO: The process of socialization can ultimately be reduced to the fact that the individual learns by contact with society. the process refers not to individual knowledge, which also comes from contact with others, but to shared knowledge which has social significance. SOCIAL LEARNING Imitation
(the setting,
social environment,
the activities surrounding the interaction)
Norms THE PROCESS OF SOCIAL INTERACTION HAS AT LEAST FOUR MAJOR COMPONENTS Functionalism - Symbolic Interaction - Conflict Theory Symbolic Interaction - refers to an analysis of what people say and do that is not sufficient to explain human behavior.

Functional Approaches - functionalism approaches socialization from the perspective of the group rather than the individual. The Famliy
Peer Groups
The Media
The School
The Workplace
The Church
The Neighborhood Most important socializer in our lives fall into major categories: ERIK ERIKSON
(Psychological Development) SIGMUND FREUD Jean Piaget GEORGE H. MEAD LAWRENCE KOHLBERG
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