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keegan dearing

on 18 March 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

What is the purpose of Greek Chorus? It sings
begins his performance with a pray to the goddess of epic poetry Describe the sights and sounds of a live performance of The Odyssey in ancient Greece. Achaeans sprang to their feet and were very brave.
Argives were docile and timid Explain the difference between the Achaeans and the Argives. Explain the important people and places in The Odysey. People
* Odysseus
* Hermes
* Apollo
* Athena Find and print a map that depicts Odysseus's journey The Chorus offers a varitey of backgrounds and summary info.To help the audience follow the performance. It comments on themes, and shows how an idea audience might react tot he drama. It also represents the population in any particular story, in sharp contrast with many of the themes of an Ancient Greek plays which tends to be about hero's, gods, and goddesses By: Keegan Dearing
Hailey Cole
Haley Rhone
Zach Hunter The Odyssey
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