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Oral Herpes

Diseases got from Oral sex

Branden Gieske

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Oral Herpes

Oral herpes The spreading of diseases Oral herpes can be caused by kissing and oral sex.
About 50 percent to 80 percent of adults have it in the U.s Signs & symptoms Fever sores and blisters. cold sores are very contagious transmited in saliva and sexual contact. This is from oral sex with her partner. to men the women could have oral herpes and could give it to the men which can cause very bad blistering to the genitals and penis region. having this can cause muscle pain. Also can cause very bad migrains having this can cause tiredness. This disease is generally in the younger population from 16 - 40. mainly in the female gender, but not realy men. ages 16 - 18 ages 25 - 30 ages 35 - 40 treatment of this disease. acyclovir is a pill used to reduce the pain of oral herpes. this pill will reduce the warts and redness and sores.
There is also creames to rub on the certan areas to relief pain. This disease will not kill you. People who suffer from this disease have to go through with very bad worts and blisters and redness and very bad muscle pain. The most common place for this disease is in africa. facts i have learnd about this is that oral herpes is very bad and that it can cause very bad pain all over you body. The end

By: Branden Gieske
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