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What are genre conventions?

No description

Nick Vieweg

on 19 October 2012

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Transcript of What are genre conventions?

What are genre conventions? Genre conventions are all the little parts of the genre such as character similarities and repeated plots that allow us to distinguish between genres. Most genres have elements that the audience expects as they have been used many times in previous films from their genre/sub genre. The conventions of a film in the horror genre are:
-Either a dark isolated setting eg forest/abonded building. OR. a city environment to make the story seem realistic.
-Disturbing low pitchec sounds to create tension and suspense.
-Dark colours/filters (blood red).
-Death/ supernatural/ dark plots.
- Fast pace editing to create suspense.
-A vulnerable character and a brave character.
-Contrapuntal music

we will use these conventional horror ideas in our trailer to fit the genre style. Horror conventions They normally include abnormal creatures such as ghosts, zombies and monsters.
They are very unrealistic and totally different to the real world.
In a lot of these movies someone will get possessed or have some sort of relation to the odd creature/creatures. Conventions of a supernatural horror. This sub genre combines elements of Horror and Comedy.
This sub genre is able to make you laugh in one seen and scare you in the next.
In this sub genre there is normally a clumsy and funny chararcter who is the center of comedy throughout the film. Comedy Horror
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