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No description

Austin Torok

on 26 January 2016

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Transcript of NYPD RED

by James Patterson

The story is told by Zach Jordan.
The story revolves around him and he is using I and me.
Zach Jordan-
Main character, trying to solve a crime.
Cheryl Jordan-
Zach's wife
Kylie MacDonald-
Zach's partner and ex-girlfriend
Peter Chevalier-
Decapitated car driver
Hunter Alden-
The rich man who Peter drove around
Chuck Dryden-
The CSI in the NYPD
Silas David Blackstone-
head of SBD Investigative Service. A#%hole
I would be one of
Setting & Tone
The Setting of this book is more modern time New York. Around winter time because it starts on New Years Eve.
Summary 4-8
Summary 8-10
She says thank you for taking them away and both Zach and Kylie ask for what. The lady says how two under cover cops came and tazed Tripps friend and took both of them in the paddy wagon. So then they left. Mr. Alden already broke his New Years Resolution and started drinking. He started to think about the people who could have taken his son and he kept repeating the phrase "there is money to be made." Both Zach and Kylie go to Tripps school to see if the lady was right. And she was right they were both missing from school. So now they know that someone is clearly lying their a#% off.
"Somewhere between 7:52 and 8:11 last night." pg. 84 Chuck

"There is money to be made" Prologue Letter
Summary chapters 1-3
Zach is in a hotel with his wife. They think about getting freaky in the shower. Cheryl gets a phone call. It is her ex-huband and his mother is really sick. Zach gets a call and has to leave to go see Kylie. He arrives at the scene of the crime and they talk to Chuck. Chuck shows them the body and it is decapitated. Chuck tells them it is from a garrot. They find out the victim is Peter Chevalier. He is a driver for Hunter Alden. They go to see him and see that there is Mr. Blackstone, who is a guy who will get rid of anything and do it illegally for a little more.
Mr.Blackstone left and both Zach and Kylie start to question Alden. They talk about how Peter would mess with women and their boyfriends would get mad. They talk about Tripp and his car breaking down and Peter going to get Tripp. They find out that Tripp was making a movie for his grandfather. So they leave to go to the place where Tripp was making the movie. They go to find the old lady who looks through the window all day. They go to the closest presinct and ask if they got any calls yesterday and they did. They go to see her and she tells them how the kid was a terrorist.
The tone is serious and mysterious
I Really need to start reading more.
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