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Three Lakes Park Project

No description


on 19 January 2014

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Transcript of Three Lakes Park Project

On the Go Animal Guides
Building a Background
by Miss Gaglio's Third Grade Class at Chamberlayne Elementary
On the Go
Animal Guides

Students were required to be experts in their field.
Think Globally, Act Locally!
Teach the Community
Lessons & Labs
We like to follow the

in Math and Science lessons.
5 E Model
1. Engage
2. Explore
3. Explain
4. Extend
5. Evaluate
Research Skills
A computer station was often set up as a PebbleGo research station during reading. Students read, listened and completed notes and graphic organizers.
Students practiced reading comprehension for a purpose!
"Field Studies"
We started BIG!
Those flagship species are so much fun!
How can we make a difference here in Virginia?
What are our native animals?
How are they similar or different?
Where do we see these animals?
How is the community dependent?
Three Lakes Park
The students often talk about their afternoon and weekend trips to Three Lakes Park and Nature Center where they observed native species.
Make third grade science content meaningful to students by giving them an authentic task that reaches outside the school walls.

The Idea
Students created online animal guides using Instablogg.
Then we made them MOBILE!
Students used their choice of
to engage the audience.
QR codes were generated and put by the exhibits.
Roles and Learning
What they did
What I did
What I learned
- researched
- designed
- creatively solved problems
What they learned
- how to find information
- shortcuts on programs
- ways to present information
- researched and introduced new programs to meet their needs.
- facilitated the progression
- When students are learning because they see the purpose, they push the limits!
- The community wants to be involved.
When you visit Three Lakes Park, bring your mobile device to learn some new facts.
Our Community partner, Bekky Monroe, gave the students feedback on their pages.
"I can describe animal needs, relationships and adaptations."
"I can select appropriate tools to help me find the information I need."
"I can make use my knowledge in real life settings"
"I can make a difference in my community."
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