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Safety Awareness

No description

Elizabeth Jestrab

on 7 September 2012

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Transcript of Safety Awareness

Saftey Awareness by: Al Jestrab and
Elizabeth Jestrab Accidents of the Past The past serious accidents I witnessed:
1. Saftey glasses that were shattered, but the person wearing them only got black eyes. Also they took a picture of the glasses and showed everybody what they look like, which I still remember many years later.

2. A grease gun with a frayed hose caused a operator to be sent to the hospital because the line burst when he was trying to grease a hard fitting. It burst causing grease to shoot through his vein causing blood poisoning. Also he had to have a blood tranfusion. Saftey issues of the present time. 1. "I spy" in my area the following, aisle 43 in the pattern shop an accident waiting to happen.

2. ABC 3 hoist is an accident waiting to happen because if you look at the pulley, and the cable you will see where a person can easily loose they're finger.

3. Numerous times of stepping on peices of cores that twist your ankle possibly causing injury. Poor cleaning practices. This is a short prezi on saftey awareness from a
coreroom operator, to be presented to the saftey committee for reveiw. 1. In the airset room where boards are laying all over the place i witnessed this A series of unfortunate events of the future. 2. One situation I experienced is when i went to sit down on a 3 foot ladder. I bumped the ladder with my foot when I was sitting down and I collapsed over the ladder and fell over it. 3. Behind ABC 2 there is a hole to dump sand but there is no cover. Operators Opinion on the most Common
Hazard to happen. 1. Forklift must be a common reminder of its dangers.

2. Lifting to heavy or the wrong way of objects.

3. Dangers of hoisting equipment or cores The End!
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