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Dallas Cowboys Presentation

Mrkt Tech

Wes Reiter

on 9 January 2013

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Transcript of Dallas Cowboys Presentation

Dallas Cowboys by Wesley, Peter, Alyssa, and Aaliyah New Slogan: We Bust Ours, to Kick Theirs! 2012 Season Schedule Corporate Sponsors Coca-Cola- One of the biggest beverage companies, National brand.
EA Sports- Makes sports(football) video games.
Buffalo Wild Wings- National chain of sports bars and restaurants.
Ford- A true American company, Cowboys are a working mans team.
AT&T- Headquarters in Dallas, Real life sponsor of the Cowboy Promotional Day Items New Logo and Original Logo Make a Wish with AT&T
Item- Get a raffle ticket to have a chance to go to Disney.
Sunday 12/16 at 3:25 Turkey Dash Thursday
Event- Mascot races and competitions with discounts on food and drink.
Thursday 11/22 at 3:25 LETS GO DALLAS! Kick the Field Goal for Victory- Have the chance to kick field goal to win gift cards from sponsors.
Sunday 12/02 at 7:20 Target Toss
Event- Families can bring up kids to throw ball in target to win gift cards from sponsors. Sunday Score Prediction
Item- Predict score of game on Sunday at the Dallas Cowboys website to win a cash prize. Our Sales Projections Season Ticket Letter PS. Keith Sucks Promotional Dates, Events, and Items Follow the Dallas Cowboys
on Twitter or Facebook Peter Sucks DeMarcus Ware Sunday 12/23 at 12:00 Monday 10/01 at 7:30
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