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QA daily work flow

No description

Cecilia Lu

on 14 July 2015

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Transcript of QA daily work flow

Bad Comments(BC) are main parts of QA daily work flow
ID reference of Bad comments
Teacher ID and name
Student id and name
BC Lesson Time
The latest status of BCs
If BCs resolved by Philippines
If BCs resolved by China staff
If BCs are resolved both by PH and China, and China staffs click 'Finish' button on Edit Page, the statue of BCs will be 'finished'
BCs record date
The date BCs were resolved
by China staff or PH/TH staff
If the BCs are not resolved,
it will be blank
The date of BCs are finished.

If BCs haven't been
finished yet,
it would be blank.
whether or not
BC on teacher's Page
BCs but with praise words should be ignored.
1.Click Edit to
Edit Page
Class ID
2.Check whether or not student ticked BC boxes
3.if not, help students to tick right reason for BCs based on feedbacks student given here.

and click 'Save'
4.If this BC with positive feedback, then choose 'ignore'.
5.Click Reply
to Replay Page
Work flow of BCs call back
8. Click here to lesson records
9. Get to know details of BCs, includes materials, memos, time, and etc. Then, go back to reply page.
11. Use all the information you have got and call students to deal with BCs.
12. Make sure it is not student's fault, click here to refund AB, or just leave it.
If AB have been refunded,
it will be blank.
4. Click log in
1. go to page:
Enter user name and password

user name list:
test1, test2, test3, test4, test5
2. Click Login
go to website:http://www.abc360.com/
click sign up

sign up your ABC360 account
to set up your own background
account. Then, go to page http://hz.abc360.com/Board,
log in
to ABC360 background.

Then, you may find menu lists on the left page,
four parts
are related to QA daily work.

Data Analysis
1. Go to BCs Page
2. Choose right date, normally no earlier than 1 month.
3. Choose right category. Normally, QAs only deal with Teaching Attitude and Teaching
Ability issues.
4. Click 'Find'
Then you will go to
selected BCs page
5. Choose unfinished BCs, Click Reply
10.Read all the details of BCs
Categorized bad comments
12.Decide whether or not tutor should be excused
13. Click 'Finish' and go to BCs page
Teacher Management
Click here access to teachers info
Select teacher
Click 'Open' to teachers' front page
Click 'Closed' to Open Class
Save any changes
Click Students access to Student info
Use ID, mobile, qq and etc. to get students info
Get call records
Main page of Student info
To student setting page
Student setting page
Click here to download call records
Get some info about student
Password reset
Data Statistics
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