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The Color Purple

No description

on 1 April 2014

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Transcript of The Color Purple

The Color Purple
Declaration of Female Relation
In "The Color Purple" by Alice Walker our group had to analyze the relationships between females, and then how each relationship relates to the text's themes.

Our topic covers many of the text's themes, such as Survival, Shame, Sexism, Forgiveness, Overcoming Adversity, and Reuniting with loved ones.
Survival in "The Color Purple" can easily be found throughout Celie and Nettie's relationship in the beginning. It can also be found in Celie and Shug's relationship, whether it be in that Shug keeps Mr. from beating Celie, or that Shug gives Celie a place to stay, and work, along with providing her money.
Female Relationships

Cameron Miller
Amber Thompson
Nick Faulkner
When we first meet Mary Agnes, she's a simple character, that doesn't really speak out, and holds little respect from anyone. But after her unfortunate rape, and resulting self-shame, she forms an accepting and respectful relationship between the girls and herself.
Overcoming Adversity
Another important aspect of Celie's relationship with Shug, is her eventual overcoming of adversity, mainly when she stands up at the dinner table one night and rises against Mr. ____; she finally speaks her mind and takes a definite stance in her own life for once
Shame and Forgiveness
Another example of shame would be Celie and Sofia's relationship early on, when she gives Harpo her word that it's okay to beat Sofia, when she knows it's wrong. And when Sofia confronts Celie about, it leads to Sofia's own Forgiveness of Celie, knowing she doesn't truly think on her own.
Survival and Sexism
The Olinka women choose to call each other witches the moment anything befalls their husband or children, knowing that if they don't call names and point fingers they could be killed for being thought a witch. This expresses the survival that each wants in the tribe, and the sexism that only women could cause sickness. There is also sexism shown in only allowing boys to receive an education.
Celie and Nettie's relationship relates to the theme of Survival:
"You got to fight. You got to fight."
- Nettie

"But know I don't know how to fight. All I know is how to stay alive."
- Celie
Example of Olinka Sexism:
''There is a way that the men speak to women that reminds me too much of Pa. They listen just long enough to issue instructions.''
- Nettie
THE END!!! : )
Dance Break!!!
Bonus! I Feel Good!
Survival of Olinka women
''God forbid that the child of a favorite wife should fall ill!...each woman fears the accusation of sorcery from the other, or from the husband.''
''You a lowdown dog is what's wrong, I say. It's time to leave you and enter into the Creation. And your dead body just the welcome mat I need.'' - Celie
''I 'm going North...I want to sing.''
- Squeak/Mary Agnes
Cameron's Phantasmagorical
Amber's Astonishing
Nick's Fantastic

''You told Harpo to beat me'' - Sophia
''I say it cause I'm a fool, I say. I say it it cause I'm jealous of you. I say it cause you do what I can't....fight"
- Celie
''I'm so shame of myself, I say. And the Lord he done whip me little bit too.'' - Celie
''The Lord don't like ugly...And he ain't stuck on pretty.'' - Sophia
''This open the way for our talk to turn another way.''
- Celie
Reuniting with Loved Ones
Mary Agnes was ashamed after being raped:
''She dropped her head, put her face in her hands''

''My name Mary Agnes, she say''
- she trys to gain back what shred of self-esteem she can by being called by her name instead of ''Squeak.''
There were many close-knit relationships throughout the book, the most recognizable one being Celie and Nettie's. They stay in touch with letters over the years and it is so emotional when they finally get the chance to be face-to-face again.
Celie & Nettie's Reunion:
''Then us feel so weak when us touch, us knock each other down. But what us care? Us sit and lay there on the porch inside each other's arms.''
- Celie
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