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Digital Storytelling

In this Prezi, digital storytelling is defined, educational benefits are revealed, and resources for creating digital stories are shared.

Marsha Rowntree

on 26 November 2012

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Transcript of Digital Storytelling

Definition, Benefits, Best Practices,
and Resources Digital Storytelling:
JCS Professional Development
October 19, 2012 What is digital storytelling? Sharing stories through words, images,
video clips and audio

Usually narrated by the author
Usually 1 to 5 minutes in length
Generally autobiographical
Illicits an emotional response from the audience
Can be shared on the Web
Can be any type of story...
fiction or nonfiction What are the educational
benefits of using digital
storytelling with
your students? Develops writing and reading skills
Enhances creativity
Develops visual literacy skills
Develops technology skills
Integrates technology into content areas
Can foster presentation skills
Can be fun and motivational
Provides an outlet for personal
expression Best Practices
Digital Storytelling "Without a structure students will focus on adding images, music and other elements instead of focusing on the content and organization."
-Meg Ormiston 1. Start with a good story
2. Write an outline or script
3. Make a storyboard
4. Brainstorm visual ideas and music
5. Find images, find/record video
6. Edit images/video
7. Add titles and graphics
8. Record narration
9. Select audio to enhance images/video
10. Produce, revise, present, and share Ten Steps for
Creating Digital Stories So what do you need to know to use digital story telling in your classroom? 1. Learn from what you watch.
2. See technology as a storytelling tool, not as a teaching goal.
3. Allow your students to push you (and lead you). It is okay.
4. Learn by trial and error.
5. Give your students freedom, but hold them accountable.
6. Consider yourself the executive producer.
7. Celebrate your students' work. Using Digital Story Telling in Your Classroom What steps do I take
to create a digital story? http://www.dtc.scott.k12.ky.us/technology/digitalstorytelling/studentstories.html Elementary Examples
of Digital Stories Middle School Example
of a Digital Story http://www.bridgesweb.org/project_videos/Seattle/projSalmonbay_Carbonfootprint.html http://digitalstorytelling.coe.uh.edu/movie_social_studies_02.html High School Example
of Digital Story http://digitalstorytelling.coe.uh.edu/movie_social_studies_04.html Another High School Example
of a Digital Story See the handout in your packet. Resources What ideas do you have
for a digital story?
Please feel free
to share! Resources Abrams, A. (n.d.). Digital Storytelling: Best Practices. Retrieved October 11, 2012, from Arnie Abrams website: www.arnieabrams.net

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