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The perks of being a wallflower

perks of being a wall flower by stephen chbosky

ayanna banks

on 11 January 2013

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Transcript of The perks of being a wallflower

By: Stephen Chbosky The Perks of being a Wallflower Exposition Setting:


Characters: Rising action Climax Charlie didn't "like-like" Mary-Elizabeth and didn't know how to break-up with her. At bob's party they were playing truth or dare And he was avoiding truth, because want to tell her because of the game. Patrick dared him to "kiss the prettiest girl in the room on the lips." Charlie kissed Sam. Marry-Elizabeth walked off to cry and sam got really mad at him, because Marry-Elizabeth was a really good friend of her's. Patrick told him to lay low for awhile, until they forgive him. Falling Action Charlie was really depressed and alone. He was back to not having any friend and was going through a really rough time Patrick only spoke to him some times. Patrick Got in a fight And was winning until it became a three on one. Charlie jumped in and beat up the two guys who joined in the fight. After that everyone, including Mary-Elizabeth, forgave him Resolution Charlie's sister, Patrick, Sam and the rest of his friends graduated. Charlie graduated Ninth grade with all A's. His English teacher Bill, invited him to diner and told him he was Special and that it was a privilege to teach him his first year as a teacher. Sam kissed Charlie before she left for her college summer program. over that summer Charlie ended up in the hospital. They found him in a trance and he didn't snap out of it, even when his dad smacked him. Everyone came to visit him, including his teacher Bill. He was released August 23, the day before school startes again. Sam came back and He, Sam and patrick Rode through the tunnels. Stops writing to person. End Project by Ayanna Banks Asleep by The Smiths Genre: realistic fiction Patrick
Sister Protagonist:

Antagonist: Charlie- Intelligent, Honest, simple person, Not judgmental, Wallflower
Dynamic Character Sister- Feminist, Dependent, Pretty, Mean In a suburb of pittsburgh During 1991 -1992 school year Sam
Mary Elizabeth
Mom Alice
Dad Charlie Starts writing to Name-les person. Charlie is beginning the ninth grade. He got in a fight with a bully, who left him alone after charlie beat him up. He made friends with his English teacher bill. This guy likes his sister and she would only date him if he changed, because she doesn't like nice guys. She told him that he needs to stand up to his bully, like charlie, so he hit her. After that she agreed to got out with him. Charlie told Bill and Bill told him " Charlie, we accept the love we think we deserve." (popular quote). Bill told his parents and His sister was really mad at him and wouldn't talk to him. He meets Sam and Patrick, seniors, at a football game. After a while he told Sam that he liked her but she said she was too old for him. After home coming they took him to a party where they introduced him to their friends and they become his friends too. On Their way to the party they were listening to music and riding through the tunnels and charlie said he felt " infinite" and on their way from the party he thought " And in that moment, I swear we were infinite", which is a popular Quote from the book and in movie. At the party he meets Mary Elizabeth, Who later Askes him to a Girls ask dance. They then start dating. Continue..... Turning point? Because he finally found some friends and things seem to be going good for him, and he messes it up To participate. To be apart of live insted of just living it Background info: Charlie doesn't have any friends since his best-friend committed suicide Problem solved? Because he stood up for patrick everyone forgave him and his problem went away conflict? He is trying to find where he belongs; where he fits in. Internal the crew
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