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SPSD Robotics Program

Program Overview - WMCI

Bill Kapphahn

on 7 February 2013

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Transcript of SPSD Robotics Program

SPSD Robotics Program Robotics 20 - CS 20 Robotics 30 - PAA 30 Integrated Robotics 20/30 fundamentals of robotics and the engineering design process.
A comprehensive robotics curriculum created for secondary schools: VEX Robotics Design System combined with Autodesk Inventor Professional software. Modular and project-based
foundation for Robotics 30 and/or post-secondary engineering and computer programming courses.
Credit granted Computer Science 20. extension of Robotics 20.
project based
building a robot from the ground up. Students will lead in the creation of engineering projects.
focus on the building of electrical components and construction of full scale robots in an industrial environment.
skills include engineering design, team building, programming, electronics, and fabrication.
foundation for post-secondary electrical technology, engineering and computer programming courses.
Credit granted Practical and Applied Arts 30. 2011\2012?
hosted at WMCI
full afternoon one semester
CS 20 credit first ¼
PAA 30 credit second ¼
Greater integration
3 year timeline, implement fall 2011
open to all students city wide Cost - $8000-$10000 per class set Research question Can we use robotics in a way that:
engages and motivates students
focuses on group project designs
uses AFL techniques
is affordable
easy to implement
increase student interest in engineering, computer science and electronics As a teaching team we want to:
assess the effectiveness of robotics to engage learners
work together to identify current resources
track our progress through log books
design and host professional development for other interested schools Assessment Group work
Wiki’s to identify individual input
Peer input to other groups
Performance checklists
Teacher as collaborator/coach/facilitator
Peer facilitation. Issues Time for development
Computer software turnaround time
Budget procedures
Assessment tools - engagement
PD planning Skills Canada - Saskatchewan (WMCI)
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