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Mahatat presentation

Vision, mission and goals

Heba ElCheikh

on 24 October 2017

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Transcript of Mahatat presentation

New stages for artists
Accessibility of contemporary art in Egypt
Art of Transit
Open Space Conference
A mobile, participatory art project in Alexandria
About Mahatat
Mahatat envisions a society in which contemporary art is an accessible and visible part in everyday life and in public space.
Mahatat works towards the accessibility and the decentralization of contemporary art by developing art in public space and community art projects all over the country.
Artistic interventions in carriages of the Cairo Metro
illustration by Amr Okasha
photos by Hamdy Reda
Public Screen
A video art night at Midan Lazoghli
photo by Mina Nasr
Stop and Dance
An inter-cultural dance project in stations of the Cairo Metro
The Tree Project
A participatory community art project in Soliman Gohar
photo by Awatef Saleh
photo by Timo
photos by Amro Thabit
Communal Mosaic
photos by Mahatat
photos by Amro Thabit
Thank you!
photos by Fabian Heerbaart
illustration by Noha Hesham
Citizenship & participation
Right to public space
Established in 2012
Social Enterprise
Art in Public Space
Contemporary Art
The art scene in Egypt is centralized, exclusive
and inaccessible.
Problem Statement
Create a database of well-trained and practicing art operators and artists
Strategic Goals
Encourage large numbers of citizens all over Egypt attend, participate in and appreciate artistic events.
Build a financially and institutionally sustainable work culture
Mahatat for contemporary art
Follow Us
Before 2011
Art in Public Space in Egypt
After 2011
Fan Midan
El Kousha Puppets
Ammar Abou Bakr
Outa Hamra
Noon Entreprise
With a Political Statement
With a Social Statement..
.. And Mahatat
what are the considerations that you take in order to work in public space in your respective context?
Face to Face
The wonder Box
How do we choose and work in public space?
Socially inclusive
Not invasion to the public space
Secured and accessible
Sensitive documentation
Short, light and simple
Access to Arts
Mahatat's Promo Clip
And Finally..
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