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Hot Hits

Prezi about Hot Hits Music Company

Adam Judson

on 26 June 2011

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Transcript of Hot Hits

Hot Hits is the new
no.1 Music site
for all the latest Tunes! About us Hot Hits was
formed in 2007 Hot hits aim is
to get all the
latest Music to
you asap The Founder and
managing Director
of Hot Hits is
Adam Judson We employ a small team of 10 people to get all the latest music for you! No Matter what
kind of music you
like we have it Rock, Pop, hip hop,
you want it, we got it Stop! I bet your thinking,
how can we get all
the latest and greatest
tunes? Well its easy The Hot Hits
team is ready and
waiting 24/7 to get
the latest music on
the site ASAP Our team knows
all the best places to
get all the greatest
tunes to you through
are site! The little
Perks Our website is free to use and only 99p a song! But if you become
a member of Hot Hits
we will give you little
bonuses like... All the latest news
on all the new songs
along with the ability
to get discounts on all songs, new and old! Becoming a member of
Hot hits is simple, easy
and cheap at only £5 a
month or £20 for 6 months! I hope you enjoyed our
presentation and will
use us as yournumber
1 Music website
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