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Fantasy Situation

No description

Sharona Sedighim

on 3 June 2011

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Transcript of Fantasy Situation

81 ft 5.2 Ft X 60 ft 87º 33º ALPHA + BETA + GAMA = 180º

87 + 33 + Gama = 180º

120 + Gama = 180º
-120 -120

Gama = 60º Alpha= 87º
Beta = 33º
Gama = ?º
A= x
B= 60ft
C= 75 + 5.2 Sine (Alpha) ____________ A = Sine ( Gama ) _____________ C Triangle Sum Theorm Law of Sines Sine ( 87º ) _____________ X = Sine ( 60º ) ________ 81+5.2-6 = 80.2 80.2 sine (87º) = X Sine (60º) Sine (60º) Sine (60º) 80.2 Sine (87º) x= x = 92.48 6 ft Sine (60º) FANTASY SITUATION!!! Story: One day, Sharona and Scotty went to a shooting range.

Sharona wanted to play a trick on Scotty, so she tied him up to the top of a leaning tower that was 81 feet tall, and leaned at an angle of 87 degrees(right).

She left her apple on Scotty's head as a target, wich made him and the apple 5.2 feet tall.

Sharona took an arrow, walked 60 feet away from the building, and aimed for the apple.

In total, the hight of Sharona and the arrow was 6 feet.

The angle between the path the arrow took and the building is 33 degrees.

How long is the path the arrow takes in order to hit the apple and miss Sotty's head? Blueprint: 60 ft 81 ft 5.2 ft 6 ft X 87 . 33 .
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