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Richard Trenton Chase

No description

on 18 November 2013

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Transcript of Richard Trenton Chase

Richard Trenton Chase
"Vampire Killer"

Started with Animals...
As Chase grew older, The drugs took over his life. Chase moved out of his home when he was 18 and was forced to move back after his roomates left him.
His father eventually bought him his own apartment.
The killings began shortly after he was emmitted into a hospital for injecting rabbits blood into his body.

...Now we're HERE
Richard killed rabbits and cats when he was about 10 years old, but by the time he was 20, he moved on to humans.
On December 29, 1977, Richard Chase murdered Ambrose Griffin, a 51-year-old father of two.
January 23, 1978, Richard attacked Tereasa Wallin, who was pregnant at the time. He shot her three times, twice in the head and once in the hand, Dragged her dead body upstairs and raped her post-mortem while stabbing her multiple times. He removed organs and cut off one nipple, then drank the blood. Before leaving he stuffed dog feces down Wallin's throat.
Final Killing.
January 27, 1978, Chase entered the home of Evelyn Miroth, she was babysitting her 22-month-old nephew David and her six-year-old son Jason. A neighbour, Dan Meredith, was also in the home. Dan was watching the children, while Evelyn was taking a shower, when he was fatally shot in the head. Jason ran to his mother's bedroom, where Chase shot him twice in the head. On his way to the bedroom to kill Jason, Chase also shot David in the head. Chase then entered the bathroom and shot Evelyn in the head. He dragged her corpse to a bed where he drank her blood. Chase then dragged Dan's corpse to the bathroom where he split open his skull and ate some of his brain. While leaving, he brought Dan's corpse with him. Chase chopped off Dans penis and used it as a straw to suck the blood out of Dan's body.
Younger Years
Chase was born on May 23rd, 1950 Santa Clara California.

By age 10, Chase was getting into the habbit of killing animals such as rabbits and cats. As he got older he would set fires along with the killings and have no remorse.

Chase became a drug abuser and eventually became delusional.

He did not have long lasting relationships with girls or friends because his behavior was out of hand.

Chase said that he would enter homes that had an open front door. Doors that were locked meant he was not welcomed. Chase never tried to enter through any other doors.




Tereasa Wallin

Second Victim
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