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Strategies for Reading

No description

Belinda Moreira

on 8 September 2014

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Transcript of Strategies for Reading

Strategies for Reading
Try to figure out what will happen next and how the selection might end. Then read on to see how accurate your guesses were.

Visualize characters, events, and setting to help you understand what's happening. When you read nonfiction, pay attention to the images that form in your mind as you read.
Connect personally with what you're reading. Think of similarities between the descriptions in the selection and what you have personally experienced, heard about, and read about.
Question what happens while you read. Searching for reasons behind events and characters' feelings can help you feel closer to what you are reading.
Form opinions about what you read, both while you're reading and after you've finished. Develop your own ideas about characters and events.
She walked into the dark, ominous house against the best wishes of her parents. As she opened the door...
Visualize Goldilocks from Goldilocks and the Three Bears. What do we know about her?
The young prince was ridden with guilt about the death of his father. Little did he know, his uncle was the actual murder of his father. Now, he must reclaim his kingdom in order to regain peace and take his place as king.
Why does Sponge Bob live in a pineapple under the sea?
Stop occasionally to review what you understand, and expect to have your understanding change and develop as you read on. Reread and use resources to help you clarify your understanding. Also watch for answers to questions you had earlier.
Use clues from what you are reading to help you clarify what you are reading!
I think that Goldilocks was irresponsible and that she put herself in a very dangerous situation by going into an empty house and using their personal belongings.
Use the Strategies
Turn to page 6-7 in Language of Literature. Find the 6 strategies (Predict, Visualize, Connect, Question, Clarify, and Evaluate) to help you.
Use "The Sniper" to create 2 questions or comments for each of the 6 strategies.
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