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ELD Educational Webinar

Focus on the ELD Mandate

Joel Beal

on 31 March 2014

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Transcript of ELD Educational Webinar

Electronic Logging Devices

ELD Mandate from the FMCSA

Current State of Automated Logging
Background Information
Electronic Logging Device

How do ELDs Work?
Who and When?
All drivers who are obligated to log 8 out of 30 days - must begin using electronic logging devices (ELDs)

Driver harassment addressed

Rule is effective as soon as published in Federal Register

2 years to implement ELDs (late 2016)

4 years to replace/upgrade AOBRDs (late 2018)
Technical Requirements
Suppliers register with FMCSA and self-certify against published standards

Integrated with and synchronized with the vehicle

Graph-grid display and/or printouts

Must offer at least 2 of the following data transfer methods
Web Services
QR Codes
Encrypted email
Operational Efficiency
Driving Performance

Minimize Exposure

Post-incident Analysis

Monitor Safety Programs for Effectiveness
Fuel Efficiency - 35%



Non-voice communications

Driver and Vehicle Utilization

Administrative Help
Hours of Service



The History
www.LoadTrek.net 877.226.0107

Today's Presenter:
Joel Beal - JoelBeal@LoadTrek.net
Logging In the Truck
Log On:
Wheel movement = Driving
No Wheel Movement - On Duty Not Driving

Log Off:
Required intra-day breaks
Days Off

Off duty time spent in a sleeper berth

Roadside Inspection:
Show graph/grid display on screen or on paper
Electronic log file transfer
1988 - CFR 49, 395.15: the first automated logging devices (AOBRD)

1998 - NTSB begins recommending mandate of electronic, automated logs.

2011 - CFR 49, 395.16: Updated rules for automated logging devices and call for a mandate (EOBR). Vacated as a result of law suits.

2013 - MAP 21; Legislation calling for updated rules for automated logging devices (ELD) and a mandate.
Driver Harassment
Drivers Access to Records; 6 months on request
Harassment prohibited; using ELD information to require the driver to violate regulations regarding illness or fatigue
Formal Drivers' Complaint Procedures
$11,000 fine for driver harassment by a carrier
Mute Feature
Mutual drivers' and carriers' edit capabilities - with each party requiring the other party's approval
Real time location tracking not required
Drivers' private information redacted during legal proceedings


Monitoring Logs and HOS
Logs in Real Time - Required

Mapping and Locations

Exception and Management Reports

Messaging and Exception Handling
Location - i.e. GPS
Distance and Power from Vehicle
Drivers - can request their logs for up to 6 months
Fleets - must retain logs for 6 months
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