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What is development?

No description

Rochelle Johnston

on 26 September 2016

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Transcript of What is development?

What is Development?
September 11, 2013

Development as modernization
To develop your own ideas about development
Struggle against colonialism
“World systems” theory
Feminist movements
Critical studies
Environmental movements
Indigenous rights movements
and Influences
It's social engineering
It creates injustice
It eradicates cultures
It pretends to be a science
It's unsustainable
It's not neutral
The discourse (language) of development shapes as well as reflects what happens in the real world.
The concept of development is socially constructed.
The knowledge of those in power dominates the knowledges of others.
One size fits all approaches
The "Global South" cooperating in their own oppression
Development as discourse
Their critiques of development
The alternatives (socialism, protectionism/isolationism) don't work
Some good has come out of development
Too relativistic and romantic
All talk and no action
Led by those with privilege
Will never be more than alternatives

Not do development?
Become self aware
Reject global capitalism
Think globally but act locally
Respect sovereignty but work as an ally

Core - research, technology and capital intensive industries
Periphery - resources, agriculture, cheap labour
Critical approaches
The world's elite, with the support of international financial institutions

leaving them with nothing to invest in development.
Development as dependency
extract resources from peripheral countries
This leads to:
What is theory?
Development as liberalism
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