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Copy of Performance Tips

Info to help choirs with successful performances

Teresa Murray

on 26 June 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Performance Tips

Take your performance seriously.
What to do!
Arrive on time!
Be in the choir room, ready to warm up at 6:30pm.
What NOT to do!
Audience Behavior
The Choir Concert

Before the concert, take a shower. Wear deodorant! No perfume!
Don't talk during a performance.
Don't get up and leave during a performance.
Don't text during a performance.
Don't shout or whistle - this is not a sporting event!
Do enjoy the performances.
Do listen carefully and critically.
Do applaud when appropriate.
Performance behavior
Breathe deeply and slowly before going on stage.
Have fun and enjoy your performance.
Watch Miss Murray at all times
Sing as you did in rehearsals
Use facial expression - don't bore the audience!
Move on and off stage quickly and quietly.
Don't lock your knees -you could pass out.
While on stage, look at Miss Murray during the songs, she's the director!
Keep her arms relaxed by your side. Don't figit, play with your hair,
Stay quiet on the risers, don't talk to your friends!

Take it seriously because you've worked really hard to learn your parts, and make great music. Don't ruin your performance because you have a bad attitude about yourself, your choir, your attire, the audience, or the music selections.
Your performance is the culmination of all your efforts in choir class. Your performance is your final exam. It is a time to do your best in every way. Sing your best. Look your best. Behave your best. Give your best performance possible!
Choir attire is worn.
Don't stand in the hall and talk to friends before the concert.
Don't wear flip-flops or tennis shoes on stage.
No bare feet in the school, (except gym areas.)
No horse play, roudiness, or loud rude behavior.
No excessive perfume or make-up.
No gum!
Hair is out of your eyes.
Bathroom needs completed.
Drinking fountain needs are met.
You are listening to directions
You are mentally preparing to sing.
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