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Introduction to Grade 9 Canadian Geography

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Janine Stanlick

on 2 February 2013

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Transcript of Introduction to Grade 9 Canadian Geography

Geography of Canada - Grade 9 What is Geography? Some ways to answer these questions are by studying the following five themes: This world is all of ours and we all need to make smart decisions about choices involving the environment and society. For now...let's discuss some reasons why studying Geography
should be important
to you! 1) What? Where? CGC1D/1P There are many definitions of Geography.

Most students think that Geography is memorizing the locations of countries, capitals, rivers, etc. Geography is really much more than this!! The ancient Greeks created the word “Geography” from the roots of “ge” for earth and “grapho” for “to write”. Or in other words, writing about and studying the earth. Geographers focus on people and culture (cultural geography), and the planet earth (physical geography). And Geographers always try to answer these three questions: 2) Why there? and
3) Why care? Which looks like this... Which means:

What/Where? What is the physical or human feature, and it’s location?

Why there? What is the reason that this physical or human feature occurred at that location?

Why care? What are the implications or relevance
of it being there? 1) Location,
2) Place,
3) Region,
4) Movement
5) Human-Environment
Interaction We'll look at these in more detail this week... You need to study your own locality and build your own sense of identity and self-esteem while learning to respect diversity through appreciating other people’s places and cultures. Did I mention... it's fun?!
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