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Do plants grow better in sunlight versus artificial light?

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stryder CROUSE

on 1 October 2013

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Transcript of Do plants grow better in sunlight versus artificial light?

To determine if plants grow better in sunlight versus artificial light
Plants will grow better in sunlight because they have always grown in natural light and it gives the plant more energy than artificial light
The Experiment:
Fixed variables: the plastic cups, amount of soil and water, and number of seeds were all the same
Change variables: the type of light was different. We placed 2 cups on the windowsill and 2 cups in the closet with the light on
The Method:
Step one: Get the following materials; green beans, soil, plastic cups and water
Step 2: Put soil and 3 green beans into each cup
Step 3: Place 2 cups in the closet with the light on. Tell everyone in your house not to turn the light off.
Step 4: Place 2 cups on the windowsill. Tell your baby sister not to touch them.
Step 5: Watch their progress and record the results for 7 days
Step 6: make sure to water each cup with 50 ml of water daily
The Items
(1) 4 plastic cups
(2) soil
(3) green beans
(4) water

Observations and results:
Our hypothesis was not proven. Both bean locations seemed to produce the same results. Our green beans did not show much difference. We believe this was due to the fact that we did not give the experiment enough time. In reading on the web, green beans need 7-14 days to sprout and we only gave the beans 7 days. We should repeat the experiment for a longer timeframe next time to get a better scientific result. This experiment was inconclusive.
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