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Elevate BAT Kenya by Liz Kisilu

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Ernest Moturi

on 15 May 2018

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Transcript of Elevate BAT Kenya by Liz Kisilu

4th Largest tax payer


Asante Sana!
A true bhag is clear and compelling and serves as a unifying focal point, often creating immense team spirit... A bhag engages people – it reaches out and grabs them in the gut. It is tangible, energizing, highly focused.”
Jim Collins and Jerry Porras
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Strong portfolio of brands
> 50 mn planted since 1978
More than 400 employees
More than 80,000 indirect employment
What does BAT mean to others?
Potential employees
Paradigm Shift
Enhance the meaning of BATK to employees

Consciously elevate the meaning of BAT Kenya
Leverage corporate brand to drive social impact
Stakeholder engagement
Let's be Intentional
Supervisory support training through supervisory bootcamps which review employee challenges and monthly salons where topics of interest to supervisors are included for peer discussions.

Leadership mastermind groups - leadership does not refer to management but rather that everyone can be a leader.

Intentional coaching and mentoring across staff levels

A day ‘with’ an employee who inspires you to learn and grow from their experiences

Md ‘ask me any question day’ to create a safe environment for employee engagement

Engage staff in creating bhag -
a big hairy audacious goal!
It doesn’t’ have to be grand but just bold.

Acknowledge and appreciate staff with bhag stars/buttons which are redeemable with bat branded merchandise or other relevant items like fit bits, stress balls…..E.T.C
Healthy lifestyle step challenge across staff levels

Social Impact

Request submission of projects
via social media
for review and engage social media to vote for viable projects e.g. matching contributions to a charity of choice

Encourage staff to volunteer as groups to create visibility – Community events include :street clean up, tree planting, blood donation drives, volunteer for a cause day, protect a tree

Offer to support start-ups in our identified CSR in different ways e.g. One room in our office
Employer brand & partner of choice
Partner with local universities
and have select BAT employees to share their career and life experiences with students

Profile our diverse employees on social media
and relevant local mediums like marketing society of kenya events and local magazines

Partner with sports events
e.g. Support a BAT group to run in various marathons or BAT rugby team and against other local partners. e.g. A day of sports with our distributors and suppliers (in teams)

Enhance the employee referral process
to earn points for every referral made
Transforming Tobacco journey with our key stakeholders

Our contribution to the economy through taxes and employment
BAT global investment to developing next generation product
Leverage on employee networks to influence engagement initiatives
Features on our contribution as a manufacturer
Loss of Government revenue due to illicit products
Communication Platforms
Infographics on social networks

Print and TVC

Stakeholder Sessions
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