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Engineering Facts

No description

Santiago Ruan

on 7 September 2012

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Transcript of Engineering Facts

by, Santiago Ruan What is Engineering ? environmental
aerospace Types of Engineers My favorite type of engineering is aerospace engineering. I always found flying objects like planes and helicopters interesting and really cool. I also love to learn about space and satellites. My Favorite Type of Engineering Curious
Problem Solver
Good at math
Team player
Skilled Qualities that would make a Good Engineer I think that i would make a good engineer because am curious and very creative. I like to try new ways to do things and invent. Plus I enjoy building and programming robots. Why I would make a Good Engineer Common engineers get paid 166,00 dollars a year
Without engineers we would basically still be in the stone age.
An engineer's main goal is to help and improve society. Fun Facts about Engineering References Environmental Engineering These engineers work on improving things to help the environment. The can build things like sewers, nature reserves, and even botanical gardens Biomedical engineers work on improving or fixing problems in the medicine field. They can also work on building mechanical arms for people that are disabled in an arm or leg. Biomedical engineers can also be mistaken for chemical engineers because they sometimes work with chemicals to invent ne medicines. Biomedical Engineering Chemical Engineering Chemical engineering is applied chemistry. Chemical engineers fix problems that are caused by chemicals, like machines and plants that perform chemical reactions. They can also invent new things like paper, new medicine, and many other things that we use today. These engineers are masters at science and math. Mechanical Engineering Mechanical engineers work on building mechanical things from small parts and divices. The can build anything from small robots to big cars. These engineers focus mainly on moving objects. Aerospace Engineering Aerospace engineers develop and test flying objects such as planes and hovercrafts. They also improve the planes that we have today and make them safer. apart from that, they also study the fluid in the air to make it easier for them to test their newly invented flying vehicles. Finally, they specialize in space objects such as rockets and satellites. Engineer Salary- How much do Engineers Get Paid?. (n.d.). Engineering Dergrees 101. Retrieved September 5, 2012, from http:/http://engineeringdegrees101.com/engineering-info/how-much-do-engineers-get-paid/
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APA formatting by BibMe.org. THE END Building, designing, and programing things to advance society.
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