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smartFLEET Telematics - Connected by trinityFLEET.com

No description

Sunod Binu

on 7 February 2014

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Transcript of smartFLEET Telematics - Connected by trinityFLEET.com

Connected with trinity

GPS device - IP65 Certified
GPS based Tracking
Built-in Li-ion battery support for 4-6 Hours backup on normal conditions, while vehicle battery is disconnected
Support to connect Fuel gauge for capturing the fuel inputs.
Support to connect Ignition switch for capturing Ignition On/Off condition.
Inbuilt 3-Axes Motion sensor MEMS IC & circuitry to detect Harsh Acceleration & Harsh Braking for driver safety & score card
Option of RS232 port to capture the vital engine parameters
UL certified IP65 Enclosure – Dust and Water Proof.
Advanced Micro Controller based system with integrated GPS and GSM Subsystems.Manufactured indigenously in India.
OTA firmware Support
Integrated with Mobile Device Management Tools for remote configuration and trouble shooting.
Fleet Management
Fleet Tracking Status
Map View
Track By Different Module
Trip Play Back
A Single SaaS Platform
Integrate with various sensors and engine control unit
Fuel, Maintenance and Revenue Insights
Fleet Management
Reports and Dashboards
Mob App - Extend the power of fleet management
Web Console
Access From Anywhere
Go Mobile
Fleet Manager Application
Integrate with sensors and control units and acquire vehicle data
trinitySKYTRACK - Telematics
- Fleet Telematics System

connected by trinityFLEET.com
A Single SaaS Platform for all
Fleet Telematics Needs

Vertical Specific Dashboards
Track By Vehicle
Track By Location
Track By POI
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