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Time management and study skills

No description

Haylee Crowley

on 7 September 2017

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Transcript of Time management and study skills

Activity: Lists & Priorities
Divide into teams of 5
You will have 5 mins to complete as many tasks as possible
You must be safe while completing these tasks
1. Do a lap around the room (5 points)
2. Create something for the instructor to wear, such as a hat or tie (10 points; bonus 5 points if the instructor actually wears it)
3. Find out something unique about each person on the team (5 points)
4. Sing a song together (15 points)
5. Make a paper airplane and throw it from one end of the room to another (10 points)
6. Get everyone in the room to sign a single piece of paper (5 points)
7. Count the number of pets owned by your group (20 points)
8. Assign a nickname to each member of the team (5 points)
9. Create name cards for each team member (5 points; bonus 5 points if you use your team nicknames)
10. Make a tower out of the materials owned by your group (10 points)
11. Convince a member of another team to join you (20 points)
12. Name your team and come up with a slogan (5 points for the name, 5 points for the slogan)
13. Re-create the sounds of the Amazon rainforest with the sounds of your voices (10 points)
14. Make a list of what your team wants out of the workshop (15 points)
15. Form a conga line and conga from one end of the room to another (5 points; bonus 10 points if anyone joins you)

How do you study?
What are your favorite time management tips?
Time management and study skills
How do you think this activity relates to time management?

How did your team decide what tasks they wanted to do?

Were any decisions based on task dependencies? The name card task, for example, teams received bonus points if they used team nicknames.

How can you relate this activity to juggling your own schedule?

How does time management relate to college?
Manage time effectively
Time management relates to college
Scheduling breaks to get more effective studying done
New study habits to try
How to manage stress

Please use your phone or computer to take this quick survey
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