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NCR - B2B Marketing

No description

greg hall

on 17 April 2013

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Transcript of NCR - B2B Marketing

A Business to Business
Marketing Case Study Learning Through Teaching Alternatives NCR Boardroom Alternatives and Conclusion Conclusion A Case in Review Brad’s Dilemma.. Services & Products (51% - 49%) Founded in 1884 as the National Cash Register Company, they began making the first mechanical cash registers. Derived Demand
Inelastic Demand
Fluctuating Demand
Joint Demand Types of Demand E-Commerce - business transactions conducted over the internet (Oxford Canadian Dictionary, 2nd edition)
While words like ‘e-tailing’ may seem new, Online shopping was first invented in 1979
In 1982, France Telecom introduced Minitel to the nation. It was used for online ordering E-Commerce To the right, an ad for buy, sell and repair of NCR equipment Social Media Elements of the Buyclass Framework Future trends in B2B Brad chose to skip the show and focus on alternatives
This ended up being the right decision
Moving Forward
industry leading shows with targeted customers
small focused events with quality interaction What did Brad Choose Virtual Trade Show

Traditional Trade Show

Trade Publication Alternatives for Consideration Buying Centre Roles Steps in Business Buying Model Types of Business to Business Online content will be more critical than ever
Marketers will need to take greater advantage of technology
Marketers will be more focused on what works in social media
Continue to shift budgets to online activities NCR – What Do They Do
Operate in 5 key segments: financial services, retail solutions, emerging industries, entertainment, and hospitality and specialty retail.
30% plus of the world ATM market
Primary Competitors
Dell Inc
Fujitsu Limited
Hewlett-Packard Company
Honeywell International Inc
IBM Corp
Unisys Corporation Skip the show and reallocate resources to one or more alternatives for marketing Attend the show as in past years Skip the show and wait to see whether the venue and sponsorship changes diminish the value of the event Brad's Options Released a new POS workstation that was ahead of the competition by almost a year
Official launch occurred in January at a major trade show
Questioning NCR’s participation in a particular trade show that would require significant resources
Attendance had waned and competition increased, therefore the show had combined with another event
Last opportunity to showcase before competition responded
Another NCR division was counting on the continued funding of the event. Meet Brad Tracy Meet Brad Tracy VP of Americas
Marketing Deployment Conclusion How many of these logos do you recognize from emails and advertisements in your day ? What is B2B Marketing? Questions? They are one of the leading global providers of ATMs, point-of-sale (POS) systems and self-service kiosks. NCR generated $481M in income from $5.3B in revenue in 2011-2012 23,000 employees in global operations Virtual Trade Show Supplementary course of action

Does not replace the core marketing engine

Small focused event with quality interaction

Aligns well with E-commerce and Social Media trends Virtual Trade Show Team 2: Ten Penny
Tina Asselin
Michael Groh
Greg Hall
Sukhwant Nannan
Julia Ross
Kieran Tracey
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