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Voici la recommandation pour répondre à l'étude de cas proposée sur le social shopping que je vous propose de consulter tout de suite en mode plein écran !

Mathilde Russo

on 27 January 2013

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Mathilde Russo Social Shopping
recommendation for X Each time a consumer :
- buys a product
- has a friend buying a product
- does a social action on the site thanks to the open graph (share, like, comment, use the birthday calendar, create a wish list, uses the FB chat)
- posts a review on a partner website The e-commerce website We create an e-commerce website where we sell the products.

The site uses the Facebook Open graph functions :
- Facebook connect
- Like
- comment a product
- Share a product
- FB birthday calendar, creation of a kitty for a shared gift
- a FB wishlist
- FB chat The online
experience On the site, each product has a regular prize and a better one for ambassadors!

Depending of their level, the ambassadors display different prices for products!

Share more, access a better level of ambassadorship...and pay less! The F-Store The twitter account We create a twitter account and post the brand's best deals. The ambassadors could share the tweet to improve their status. HE REACHES A NEW LEVEL OF AMBASSADORSHIP
HE WINS LOYALTY POINTS (ie : FB CREDITS) Example : Dexter store https://www.facebook.com/dexter/app_443786705647327 The e-commerce website The e-commerce website To reward the ambassadors we create an exclusive Facebook store where the ambassadors can exchange their loyalty points (ie : Facebook credits) for :
- exclusive content for example on Youtube
- special partners offers
- discounts
- private sells

This store is accessible from the brand's fan page. On the FB fan page, we display all the news and deals for ambassadors.

The ambassadors are also able to use their FB credits where they want on Facebook (FB games...) Example : Best Buy Tweeter Just an idea... The ambassadors levels based on phone covers... Socks Strass Leather Gold A new shopping experience The challenge The VIP program

...PAY LESS How to offer a new shopping experience online & in-store in order to launch a new mobile accessories & service space brand?

How to develop the brand & the business? Mark Zuckerberg "If I had to guess SOCIAL COMMERCE is next to blow up" Our agency believes in
SOCIAL SHOPPING A purchase act encouraged by online friends opinions, reviews, advice, networks...
When recommendation, influence and viralization are the center of the purchase process using the power of the Internet : PEOPLE. SOCIAL SHOPPING
e-commerce + social media The VIP program USER BECOMES
- An exclusive Facebook Store to spend loyalty points THE BRAND REWARDS THEM WITH: - Loyalty points
- Access to different levels of ambassadorship Thanks to social media We create a mobile app running under Apple, Android and Blackberry based on augmented reality for a very fun experience.

When the ambassador enters the shop, he launches the app on his mobile.
The ambassador can flash all the products in store and discover the optimized prices he may access on the smartphone's screen. Check in stores In the shop, each product has a regular prize and a better one for ambassadors!

Depending on their level, the ambassadors display different prices for products on their app!

Share more, access a better level of ambassadorship...and pay less! Interactive and
social presentation Each product in store has a screen to display live feeds:
- product's FB likes
- live comments on FB And the adventure continues... Each time an ambassador :
- uses the app in store
- checks in store
- buys a product in store...

He wins loyalty points and improves his ambassadorship.

In the 250 small-format boutiques we can imagine a more simple experience, for example, flash the products labels with the app to display the prices. ...where the ambassadors can play with the prices! Example : Cheryl Cole Example : C&A Brazil Inside the store... Inside the store When the ambassador enters the shop, he checks in under FB Places to improve his status. Each time someone FB checks in close to this concert billboard, Cheryl offers concert tickets Results For the brand For the user A NEW SOCIAL SHOPPING
EXPERIENCE! The user becomes the better way of communication for the brand on social medias sites. He becomes an expert of the brand. All customers are not equal for the brand : those who generate viralization are more valuable. The tracking of the user allows the brand to reward the value they create. The market is ready for that.

The brand is present everywhere on social media websites and generates curiosity. We can easily extend the concept to International, even if we have to do it through other social media (ie : Vkontakte in Russia).

High power of viralization for the brand that increases sales potential. The augmented reality app allow a real media stunt!

The brand may reach two kinds of targets through the ambassadors:
- his friends : for a CONFIDENT relationship
- his expert contacts : for a RELEVANT relationship

The relation developed is strong.

Thanks to the Open graph, the brand knows its consumers and can adapt its communication ans develop a real community. The consumer finds an online experience close to the real life: "I go shopping with my friends who advise me and give me their opinion".

The purchase act becomes FUN (augmented reality) and USER FRIENDLY even if a regular process is also possible online & in-store.

The user accesses direct rewards and is really motivated by the system.

The user feels considered and is proud to be part of the brand. So he shares more easily. The in-store experience He can also access the FB functions :
- Share
- Like
- Comment
- Add to the wishlist Facebook Connect Amazon has a new beta service out which connects your Facebook account with your Amazon account. This is available to “improve” your shopping experience by providing Amazon recommendations from your Facebook profile, view Facebook friends wishlists, gift suggestions, and more... FB Recommendations Birthday gifts Recommendations https://www.amazon.com 2011 The VIP
program The online
experience The in-store experience Facebook Fan Page

F-store Twitter account Augmented reality Mobile app Live feeds on products Check in e-commerce website Buy
Increase your ambassadorship
Play with prices
Have Fun! News
Share Access Rewards
Have Fun! Deals
Share Buy
Increase your ambassadorship
Play with prices
Have Fun! News
Have Fun! Share
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