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Self Segregation

No description

Heather Will

on 10 October 2012

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Transcript of Self Segregation

A Study In Self Segregation By Kaelee Hendershott, Haylee Eibl & Heather Reeves Self segregation/ voluntary segregation:
Occurs when individuals choose to build social relationships with members of their own race, gender, religion, or social class, despite access to relationships with individuals of all races
Another form of adaptation to discrimination. Members of a sub-population withdraw and create a self-sustaining "society" within the broader society.
When an minority group largely cuts itself off from the majority culture The History Of Self-Segregation:

In 1968, Civil Rights Bill bans housing discrimination

Races stayed segregated voluntarily
There have been clubs in every decade showing self segregation
General Federation of Women's Clubs (1890)
Men’s social clubs
Black Theater Clubs University of Arkansas at Little Rock School of Mass Communication
“We can now say we have an integrated society. Yet, blacks group with blacks and whites group with whites. This documentary done by students delves into the question of self segregation.” Clubs & Organizations:
Groups separated by race, gender, culture, religion:

Hispanic Students Association
Black Engineers Society
Black Firefighters Association
Black Student Union (here on campus)
Organization of Hungarian Students
Irish Heritage Club of Greater Seattle
African American Fraternities
White Student Union?
Towson University in Maryland
Does not just occur in America
“Melting pot”
Some world tribes stay in reservations in order to preserve their culture
Can be seen on both a small and large scale
Foreign exchange students vs. Indian Tribes
Endogamy is practiced within some groups such as Jehovah’s Witnesses, Hindu Brahmans, and some ethno-religious groups like the Gypsies. Global Aspects of Self- Segregation: Controversy: Some Questions To Consider.... Does voluntary segregation lead to involuntary segregation?
“If individuals choose to live in neighborhoods composed primarily of members of their own race, then people of other races are overtly or covertly barred from living in or being welcomed into the community.”
Racist or sexist? Let's find out....... Self-Segregation Among Children:

•Boys and girls divide themselves into boys and girls groups for activities such as lunch and games; creates gender subcultures
•Over time, preference for playing with that gender increases; compatibility with playing with other sex decreases
•Gendered activities:-Boys: Play on basketball court, soccer fields-Girls: Hopscotch and jump rope
•Is this natural self-segregation or is it enforced based on stereotypes enforced by parents and/or society? Gender Subculture Characteristics:

•Boys: Rougher play, interact with similarly-aged boys in large friendship groups, organized sports are central activity in the culture (competitive nature is evident in subculture even when not engaged in organized sports), communication is direct

•Girls: Quieter, more intimate relationships, cooperative and turn-taking play, communication is more indirect and secretive Natural Self-Segregation or Enforced Stereotypes?

Argument for self-segregation having a natural basis is based on generalized personality characteristics of each gender:

-Boys: more aggressive, dominant
-Girls: cooperative, supportive

Stereotypes can enforce these characteristics.

-Boys- More likely to be encouraged to play organized sports, therefore, they will be encouraged to behave more competitively and aggressively
-Girls- More likely to be encouraged to engage in dramatic play (such as playing “house”), which further encourages communication and cooperative play Problems with This Segregation:

Adults often reinforce these characteristics, which may be subconscious.
*Example: Dividing class up into girls and boys
to play a game instead of integrating
boys with girls.

Children that may identify more with the people in the opposite gender subculture.
*Example: Tomboys

There are many variables that can have an effect on the gender segregation and who the child identifies with

(i.e. being raised by a single mother can make a male child identify with a group differently than being raised by a single father). This can cause social problems Separate Worlds

Often, these differences in gender are referred to as each gender having a separate world.

However, gender self-segregation is too complex to definitively identify each subculture. The characteristics are general characteristics that were patterns of behavior evidenced by research.

Adults should not discourage gender self-segregation, as many children are more compatible with the same sex in their play. However, encouraging integration when possible will also benefit children in adapting to different social situations

Clubs and Organizations As Evidence of The Existence of Self Segregation Today:

German Americans
Polish Americans
Little Italy
China Town
Black Panthers
Sororities and Fraternities Many of the cultural organizations were founded during the 1800's in order to preserve
their cultural heritage
their traditions and values
and a sense of solidarity and refuge
support for labor unions and better working conditions
during the large boom if immigrants entering the United States during this time period.

These communities provided a familiar language and resources for those trying to assimilate into American culture. Food for thought......
When does self-segregation become reverse racism? The Black Panthers:

The vision of the Black Panther Party was to serve the needs of the oppressed people by defending them against their oppressors.

Believe that government is evil and designed for tearing minorities down

Believe that they are a "political vehicle" designed for the purpose of "educating" the people in order to preserve their interests.

Refers to blacks as the "lumpen-proletariat" under the guise that, as we saw under Marx's fascism, they have no power over the bourgeois (wealthy white people) to better themselves in life.
The Black Panthers consider their role to be as a "political organ" in which they fuel the "political vehicle" by "interpreting" phenomena for their people. Other African American Organizations:
The International Association of Black Professional Fire Fighters
The Association of Black Accountants

Sororities & Fraternities:
Alpha Phi Alpha
Kappa Alpha Psi
Omega Phi Psi
Phi Beta Sigma

Alpha Kappa Alpha
Delta Sigma Theta
Sigma Gamma Rho
Zeta Phi Beta
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