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Civil War

No description

Jada Bey Williams

on 8 June 2016

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Transcript of Civil War

Did You Know...?
I chose to the civil war because I find it interesting learning about the different battles and what caused them. Learning about the stories behind the civil war made me feel sad while other stories are just too crazy to believe.
How It Relates To Me
I think this all relates to me because of the fact I'm black. Being black makes me feel sad, kind of like I don't belong and sometimes it makes me feel proud that we pulled through.
The civil war is important because I think that if the civil war never happened then maybe some whites would still think that it's okay to hold slaves against their will and just to think my ancestors had to be put through such misery makes me really sad.
Civil War
Why I Chose the civil war
Why I think the civil war was important
More than 750,000 soldiers died fighting in the civil war.
When Abraham Lincoln was assassinated his wallet contained a confederate states five dollar bill who knows what he intended to do with it.
Before Abraham Lincoln was assassinated he had a dream about him getting shot and he had told everyone about it.
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