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rylee braden

on 8 April 2015

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Transcript of Basketball

In The Beginning
Who Started Basketball
Adjustments Made
Conflicts Opposed
Basketball Fun Facts!
Now and Later
James Naismith
James Naismith holding his incredible invention the basketball
The goal of the game of basketball was to dribble the soccer ball down the court and pass it to any open teammates. You made points by shooting the soccer ball into the wooden basket.The team with the most points at the end of the time period wins the game.
In the Beginning
Who Started Basketball
Adjustments Made
Conflicts Opposed
Basketball Fun Facts!
James Naismith was born on November 6,1861, in Almonte, Canada. He had two siblings, Annie and Robbie Naismith, and happy lived with his two parents. James attended Almonte High School, and soon after graduating, attended McGill University. A few years later, Naismith invented the worldwide game of basketball.
-The famous people.com
Peach basket used for goals in 1891 game of basketball
Basketball Statistics
Over 26 million Americans play basketball!
Now and Later
The average kid starts playing basketball at the age of kindergarten
Objects Used in the beginning
The game of basketball started out with using a soccer ball and a peach basket.
How Played in Late 1800's, Early 1900's
First Basketball Teams
First men's basketball team sitting on the steps of the Springfield College Gym in 1891.
-www.YMCA international.int
first basketball game occurred on December 21, 1891.
first basketball game held at Springfield College
Soccer ball first used in the game of basketball
The first ball used in the game of basketball contained a lace placed right in the center of it.
Early 1900's basketball game played at Columbia University
The first olympic basketball team in history started in 1904 in St. Louis.
basketball shoes used in late 1800's, early 1900's
Basketball shoes used to be hand made from leather and canvas.
-google images
First women's basketball team
Two kids after their YMCA basketball game
Naismith with his two kids
0.23- 1.16
Kansas team of 1922-1923
Naismith coached the Kansas team of 1922.
Talk about James Naismith and how basketball was played
changes in rules that have been made over the years.
James died November 28,1939
Naismith started off his career in being a P.E. teacher at a YMCA.
The first basketball team consist of 9 boys and their head coach.
Naismith had a head coaching record of 55 wins and 60 losses from the year 1898-1907.
Changes in Rules
Basketball Equipment Changes
Basketball has modernized a significant amount since the 1890's. The basketball itself has changed too. We no longer have a lace placed in the center of the basketball. The basketball goal has also changed too. Today, we use a net that connects to a metal rim for our basket instead of the wooden peach basket.
basketball transformation from 1891 to now
basketball goal transformation from 1891 to now
All uniforms must match unless wearing any type of brace.
matching basketball uniforms
The basketball itself must be red,orange, or brown to be used in a real game
- www.nwosu.edu
Basketball requirement colors
In the early 1920's, teammates could only enter the basketball game once.
The first year of NBA was June 6, 1946.
The free throw line was originally 21ft from the basket then eventually moved to 15ft away.
Basketball court transformation from then to now
Happening Now
In the Future
China and Nike have teamed up to create this basketball court of the future.
The brand "Wilson" is planning to modernize the game of hoops by adding performance tracking sensors inside of the basketball. This will allow the player to connect to an app and see how well their shot is; which spot on the court they are most consistent on, the amount of time it takes for your shot to go up, and how my shots made or missed.
The future smart basketball created by Wilson
NBA teams of 2015-2016
NBA stands for national Basketball Association
LeBron Moves back to the Cavs
According to SI.com, LeBron said he would not be able to move back to the Cavaliers if it wasn't for the experiences he had a Miami. He calls the heat his second home.
Kevin Durant is out for the season because of hurt foot
Parker, Ginobili, and Duncan on the court during a Spurs game.
The Spurs are planning to win the 2015 NBA championship with Parker, Duncan, and Ginobili as three starting players.
There are a total of 29 teams in the national basketball association (NBA).
The shoe Air Jordans were banned from the NBA
seven foot tall americans have a 17% chance of making it to the NBA
The shortest NBA player in history blocked 39 shots in his career
only 2 original NBA teams have never changed cites: Celtics & Knicks
a regular nba season consists of 82 games followed by playoffs.
Crazy Facts!
Basketball is one of the most dangerous sports in the U.S. with American football beating it
lebron James both eats and writes left handed
a regular NBA game averages out to about 100 points per game
Lebron James joins the Cavs
Russel Westbrook going up for a dunk against the San Antonio Spurs
Basketball has one of the highest % of injury compared to other sports
Tim Duncan wears his basketball shorts backwards in practice.
The 2015 Tim Duncan
Russel Westbrook is 6'3 and weighs 187 LBS
Lebron James was in eighth grade when he dunked for the first time.
2015 Kobe Bryant
Kobe Bryant lived in Italy for 8 years with his parents Joe and Pam Bryant. He was named after a type of steak.
Kobe bryant was the youngest NBA Starter in history
although basketball is a fun healthy sport to play, it can be very dangerous. Playing basketball can cause you to have broken bones or sprained joints. don't feel like you can't play basketball, just play it safely.
Zoe showing how to do a step and receive passing drill
both basketball players and fans sometimes have a personality conflict; yelling at refs or even physically hurting other team members.
Kevin Durant humongous shoe size
more than 570,000 basketball injuries were treated in emergency departments in 2012.
A sprained ankle is the most common basketball injury.
coach yelling at ref after a bad call
some students focus to much on their sports and fail classes
some kids and teenagers fail their classes because of doing their basketball drills instead of their homework
Academic Suspension
if a student has to serve a certain number of detentions or is sent to ocs, you are restricted from sports for that week.
example of reason for getting a detention
Physical Conflicts
mans sprained ankle after hurting it in a basketball game
jammed finger caused from basketball
a Jammed finger is the second most common basketball injury.
worst leg break in basketball history
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