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The Practical Scope of an Health Care Administrator

No description

Agassi Student

on 10 October 2017

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Transcript of The Practical Scope of an Health Care Administrator

The Practical Scope of an Health Care Administrator

Health care administrators have variable roles and functions depending on the size of the facility they oversee. Health care administrators plan, coordinate, organization and management within the medical field, accounting and budgeting practices, strategic planning, law and ethics, and health economics. These typical requirements will be utilized and functional depending on the size of the facility they oversee. Supervise the functions of health care facilities and the staff that work there.
1. Managerial skills –
• To perform management functions and assume multiple roles, managers must be skilled.
• Technical skill involves process or technique knowledge and proficiency.
• Managers use the practices, techniques and implements of a specific area. People skill involves the capability to work together effectively with the staff.
• Conceptual skill involves the formulation of ideas. Managers understand abstract relationships, develop ideas, and solve problems creatively.
2. Finance & budgeting –
• Planning - outlines the company's financial direction and expectations for the next three to five years.
• Budgeting - documents how the overall plan will be executed month to month, specifying expenditures.
• Forecasting - uses accumulated historical data to predict financial outcomes for future months or years.
3. Leadership skills
• Shared leadership is an ongoing and fluid process that requires continuous evaluation to be responsive to ever-changing healthcare challenges, and presumes a good working relationship between managers and staff. When organizational and group inter-relationships are developed and fostered to achieve defined goals

Setting goals to produce a set of indicators that will help you advance towards your goals without losing your motivation and achieving all your goals
What's does a Health Care Administrator do and how do you know if this position is right for you?
Having the right mind and skills set to perform and have the capabilities to delegate all the duties of a HCA.
How can a Healthcare Administrator help influence health care policy?
Contact your elected officials by:

1. Write an effective letter, Keep it short, to the point, and ask for a response and a specific action.
2. Send a powerful e-mail for follow-up response, inquiring about the letter you wrote previously.
3. Do a follow-up phone call to make an appoint to talk to your local Senators.
4. Have a face-to-face meeting with your representative

Be determine to take action, influence others and be the change that congress needs to get bills changed into laws.
Glabman, M. 2003. "A Safety Net with Holes." Trustee June, 9-12.


• U.S. House of Representatives
• Links to State/Local Governments
This is where HCA begins!
Conclusions: Be the help within your community.
The healthcare has become a global interest and the services are insubstantial in nature. In exceedingly competitive global market where information is shared instantly, consumers will virtually have all the knowledge and choices in the world. In this service business patients’ approval should be the only assurance and this can be achieved by providing good quality patient care, cost reduction and proper manpower utilization. Patients increase demands qualified staffing increase Health Care Reform Changes and Economic Climate. People are living longer as technology gets better and need more health care policies put in place for an adequate coverage of the progression.
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