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Cherry Coke VS. Cherry Pepsi

This is a presentation on if Cherry Coke or Cherry Pepsi is better!

Noah Lubbs

on 20 May 2015

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Transcript of Cherry Coke VS. Cherry Pepsi

Cherry Coke VS. Cherry Pepsi
How did I test them?
I asked which one looked "cooler" based on the bottle?
I asked them to smell each one and tell me which one smelled better
I asked them what did you taste?
Which one tasted better?
Which one tasted more artificial?
I asked them to rate each one from 1-5
Which one is better?
Results of My Tests
By Noah "Lubbs" Luebcke
Cherry Coke and Cherry Pepsi have been loved for a long time. People take them to parties, drink them for lunch, and maybe even to entertain themselves by putting a minto into the bottle and letting it turn into a fountain of soda. These are the main reasons that people like them, but many don't know what the nutritional facts are.
Total Carbs

Did they like it?
Where is it found?
Is it nutritional?
It has no protein in it to
make it nutritional
or healthy
For a 2 liter
bottle it was
99 cents
when I
bought it
Can be found
around the world
Most of the
kids that
tested it
it over Pepsi
For a 2 liter
bottle it was
99 cents
when I
bought it
It doesn't have any protein
in it to make it nutritional
or healthy
Can be found
While most of
kids chose Coke
they still didn't
dislike Pepsi
Those nutrition facts show that Cherry Coke and Cherry Pepsi are not very nutritional or healthy but they are still good for our thirst quenching if we really need it after a long day outside in the sun. Just because it is unhealthy, doesn't mean that the USA should only be using and consuming organic products because people still want to have sugary food and drinks at parties and for lunch.
Bottom line
Down the homestretch it was a pretty tight match between Cherry Coke and Cherry Pepsi. But Cherry Coke was the winner by a tiny bit. honestly I'm glad because I preferred that one too. Coke Was more preferred, It looks better based off of the bottle's looks, and its average rating from 1-5 was a 3.6. Cherry Pepsi smelled better, and was an average rate from 1-5 a 3.5, which is not very much lower than Cherry Coke. Overall, Cherry Coke was more preferred over Cherry Pepsi.
Works Sited
Over arching question
The USA should not only be using and consuming organic products because based on my results, the kids that tested my products mostly preferred the one that had the less calories and no protein (they both had no protein) which shows that people want the foods and drinks that have sugar in them. They don't only want to eat healthy and organic foods at lunch and parties.
Cherry Coke looked better
It tasted better
and was rated better (3.6 on average)
Cherry Pepsi smelled better
It was rated on an average of 3.5
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