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Graphic Text Features

No description

Lisa Piper

on 20 September 2013

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Transcript of Graphic Text Features

EQ: Why are text features necessary?
Graphic Features
Chart - summarizes and compares information
Graph - compares at least two different items to one another
Diagram - shows image and gives names for each part
Animations - moving images
Timeline - gives dates in order along with corresponding important information
Interactive Elements - web pages that allow you to explore and alter items to gain information
Discover some more...
What does the chart compare and how does it help you?
What does the graph compare and how does it help you?
How does the diagram help you understand the solar system better?
How could this timeline help someone?
How might an animation help someone understand the solar system more?
How could interactive websites help you learn about the solar system?
Use your science book and a partner to find some more examples of graphic features. List the page numbers on a separate sheet of paper.
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