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The Washington International Law Journal

No description

Andrea Frey

on 21 November 2014

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Transcript of The Washington International Law Journal

The Washington International Law Journal

Est. 1990

Our Background
For the past 21 years, WIn Law (formerly Pacific Rim Law & Policy Journal) has published cutting edge scholarship from academics and students on international developments.

2L General Members:
Craft a Comment on a topic of their choosing; source gather; and perform quality assurance checks.

2L Translation Members
Translate a scholarly article, law, or statute and write a Comment on the same topic; and
Source gather and perform quality assurance checks.

3L Leadership
Hold leadership positions in various departments
3L read throughs

Thank you for your interest!

Contact: Lauren Conner at lnconner@uw.edu

Example Student Comments

Why You Should Join Us!

Get a global perspective on law

Publish on international, foreign, and transnational law and policy issues

Become part of an amazing team of law students producing a world-class journal

Connect with a network of Journal alumni working around the world in law firms, public policy organizations, and academia

Fulfill your writing requirement

Have fun!
Selected Professional Articles:
"Government Liability for Regulatory Failure in the Fukushima Disaster: A Common Law Comparison," Joel Rheuben

"Supreme People's Court Annual Report on Intellectual Property Cases (2012) (China)," Translated by Shudan Zhu

"The Struggle for Laws of Free, Prior, and Informed Consultation in Peru: Lessons and Ambiguities in the Recognition of Indigenous Peoples," Elizabeth Salmón G.
Becoming a Translation Member
Translation candidates must translate a law from one of the Pac Rim languages into English.
We are looking for candidates proficient in Chinese, Japanese, Korean.
Translation scores will be based on the accuracy of the translation; the candidate's grades; and his or her personal statement.
Becoming a General Member
We evaluate applicants on the style, substance, organization, and technical accuracy of their write-on papers in conjunction with their grades.

We read the personal statement to ensure the applicant has a genuine interest in international issues.

No language or international experience required.

Life on WIn Law - What You Can Expect

2014-15 Editorial Board
"Australia's relaxed Environmental Regulations Could Land both its Economy and Continent 'Under Water,'" Derek Chen

"Killing a Chicken to Scare the Monkey: The Unequal Administration of Death in China," Jessica Shen

"Maca Madness: Peru's Battle Against Biopiracy," Danielle McKenzie

"Vertical Price Agreements in China: Divergent Enforcement in the World's Second Largest Economy," Greg Pyle
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