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Domestic Violence with Children

No description

Janeth Mendoza

on 4 December 2012

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Transcript of Domestic Violence with Children

Reasons What is Domestic Violence? Statistics Question How does domestic violence affect a child,
and what can be done to help them? 3 million children
Ages 3-17
30%-60% will be victims of abuse
75,000 children a year witness violence at home. Children who live with domestic violence face the risks of :
Direct abuse
Traumatic events
Losing one or both parents
Denied School Psychologist
Social Worker
Guidance Counselor
School Administrator
Police By; Janeth Mendoza
Ms. Abad
Expository Composition
December6, 2012 Why Domestic Violence? Social Worker
Dealing with children This is No Joke Age
Unplanned Pregnancy
Family Size Consider involving Listen
Offer Help
Ask and Support
Express concern Emotional Physical Question Psychological Effects Ways To Help Social What is the best method to use so a child won't be scared to tell on the perpetrator, and stop the violence? Long Term Effects - The child can grow up to behave the same as the
perpetrator. Domestic Violence is NO JOKE ! It can happen to anyone in their lifetime and cause serious problems from childhood to adulthood. Children who have been victims to domestic violence often suffer from emotional, behavioral, social and physical disorders which lead to depression and anxiety issues, thus it is important they receive counseling. Media Facebook
Survey Monkey Mentor/ Community Service Ms. Lee
Confidential Shelters
Children always need someone to talk to. It is recommended that they are professional. Works Cited http://dreamcatchersforabusedchildren.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/domesticviolence.jpg
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